Premae Skincare Harmony Moisturizer

Still finding my way around this beauty blogging business (as it really all said and done is a lifestyle blog), I often get really excited when I get offered to try skin products.

As an eternal sufferer of combination skin, dry one minute and oily the next, it’s not actual face washes that present me with a challenge as their are so many on the market for combination skin, but actual moisturizers that I find hard to find with the right balance. I’ve tried a few of the usual suspects, Simple etc, but unfortunately for me they just don’t cut it.

As someone who moisturizers really regularly, Premae skincare asking me to try one of their products was a god send. I’m ALWAYS running out of moisturizer. The moisturizer they sent me ‘Harmony’ had Aloe Vera butter in it.


On first impressions i was impressed by the smell. I’m always smelling things before i use them. Actually I’m quite excessive with it so next time you see a nutty woman in the middle of Asda’s inhaling Lenor before she buys it …. I’M that nutty woman.

Harmony isn’t a moisturizer you need to use a lot of (which is great because it lasts longer). I’ve had moisturizers in the past which feel very ‘thin’ on your face and very watered down which makes you fall into the trap of slapping loads on. With Harmony, it is a very rich, creamy mixture and spreads on smoothly without making your face feel like you have just stood above a deep fat fryer.

Another little added bonus for me, was the Aloe Vera, as i took it to Thailand and it really helped soothe on those days I had spent a tad too long in the sun (for someone with my skin tone, this is EVERY day). It was actually soothing as WELL as moisturizing, so I would recommend this as a little suitcase filler.

Even if it’s not just moisturizer that tickles your fancy, check out the website

Premae skincare are proud to be completely FREE FROM, which means  Treenuts, Soy, Wheat and Oats and Gluten – as well as all parabens, petrochemicals and SLS Free.

They also ethically source their Mango butter and package their products in an environmentally friendly way.

The way these guys are going, I can see them giving Lush a run for their money in a few years.



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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