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Your Dreamcatcher Clothing

When ‘Your Dreamcatcher’ approached me and asked me if I would like to give one of their t shirts a go, I didnt want to get my hopes up about it coming before my trip to Thailand to wear to be comfy on the plan, you know, what with Royal Mail and all that.

Your Dreamcatcher specialize in leisurewear and jewellery and for a 12 to 12 and a half hour flight leisurewear is really welcome. also for chilling indoors on a Saturday evening. Also, if you live in Basildon, for trips to Asda’s and nights out.

Luckily for me, my Your Dreamcatcher t shirt arrived just in time (thanks for that guys) and I was able to pop it on on my flight. This was a fabulous turn out of events as I HATE flying in uncomfortable clothes but as I always use the lounges I have to be smartly dressed at the airport.


The packaging was beautiful. When you get your Your Dreamcatcher product, you really feel like you have got something one of and carefully packaged just for you. There were even little smelly beads in it to keep it fresh.

The actual t shirt itself has the Your Dreamcatcher logo on it, in quite a big design, and its really comfortable. I opted for the version with sleeves as I am not quite comfortable with my arm fat at the moment but they do do a great choice of different styles, colours and products.

All in all, as far as loungewear goes I would definitely recommend making a little Your Dreamcatcher purchase for your wardrobe. You can also be left confident that the products are quite smart as well, so when you are facing the dilemma ‘the girls are coming round will i get away with wearing my tracksuit?’ You can just wear away.


Please excuse the no make up selfie ere, I was on a 12 hr flight scared of flying!

You can check out more of their items at

Also, don’t forget to keep up to date with them on Twitter for competitions and discounts.



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