The Brentwood Garden Centre

Everybody who’s anybody knows real tree’s are the FINAL word in Christmas festivities. Not only do they look pretty and provide hours of entertainment for the cat’s, they smell absolutely delightful.

There’s nothing like the scent of mince pies, gingerbread candles and a nice Norwegian fur.

Choosing a Christmas tree is a very personal affair, so we headed over to the Brentwood Garden Centre to get a nice tree.The Brentwood Garden Centre is very easy to find,it’s next to the Holiday Inn right off of junction 28 on the M25.

We were taken to look around loads of different real Christmas tree’s, and I could of easily bought about 5.  If you want to look for real Christmad tree’s in Essex, then you will be hard pressed to buy a better selection. They also have a great range of pots and stands.

We also had a look at the hot tubs, but I did have to remind my Mum that we can barely be arsed to mow the lawn, let alone maintain a hot tub. So if you are looking for a Christmas tree in Essex or a hot tub in Essex or any other garden supplies, pop in to see this family run company for some help, they are incredibly helpful and dedicate a lot of one to one attention to each customer.

I named my Christmas tree Mary, because that is just the type of weird thing i do, so here’s a few photo’s of her journey.




What a fine tree!

You can find details of the Brentwood Garden Centre on

Thanks again for the tree guys.


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