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Clothes clothes clothes. We ALL love buying clothes right? There’s nothing better than the feeling of walking back from town with a great big bag of swag on payday or coming home to that ASOS parcel.

So what if there was a clothing company that not only made you feel good because you had bought something, but also because you were helping a charity? That would be an added bonus, and you could almost use it as a reason not to feel guilty when you have spent half your wages on chunky knits and tunics and need to borrow money to actually get to work.

The Nothing clothing company is a new, and innovative business idea that sells clothing to help charities. As well as their clothing website, in the future, they are also looking to have events to help all of their chosen charities as well. Providing you with the outfit AND the event, clever stuff, just give me some alcohol Nothing and I’m there!!

On Nothing’s website there is a list of charities, which is so diverse it will please customers from animal lovers to people who staunchly support Cancer research.

Magic Moments for Autistic kids and their families. We are a registered charity set up to help kids on the autistic spectrum. We raise funds so we can turn their dreams into reality and give them the help and support they need, as well as give help and support to their families.


Nothing Clothing company has provided corporate sponsorship for my challenge next year when I’ll be running 2015 miles throughout the year to raise awareness and valuable funds for locally based charity Follow Your Dreams who do amazing work for children with learning disabilities supported by their patron Welsh rugby star Mike Phillips.

Cancer Research UK are the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Our ground-breaking work has saved millions of lives worldwide. In the 1970s, less than a quarter of people with cancer survived for at least 10 years. Over the last 40 years, survival has doubled – today half will survive. Our bold ambition is to accelerate progress within the next 20 years so that at least three-quarters of people survive the disease. With your help we will beat cancer sooner. Find out more at”

Barking,Havering,Redbridge university Hospitals:Whilst the NHS provides funding for the necessities, King George & Queen’s Hospitals Charity funds projects which enhance the hospital experience for patients, visitors and staff at both Queen’s Hospital, Romford and King George Hospital, Ilford. Donations to our charity are used to fund cutting edge equipment, medical research, facilities and training in order to keep our hospitals at the forefront of healthcare. We rely entirely on donations from our local community, from people like you, in order to fund this work.

Follow Your Dreams is a national charity operating in England and Wales that inspires children and young people with learning disabilities to follow their dreams.

Our vision is for children and young people with learning disabilities to recognise their potential, be ambitious and be provided with the opportunities to follow their dreams. The charity focuses on children’s abilities, growing and developing skills through the delivery of creative and interactive events, dreams and”

WWF is one of the world’s largest independent conservation organisations, with more than five million supporters and a global network active in more than one hundred countries. Through its engagement with the public, businesses and government, it focuses on safeguarding the natural world, creating solutions to the most serious environmental issues facing the planet, so that people and nature thrive.  Find out more about its work, past and present at

Octavia Foundation, “We connect people affected by unemployment, ill health, social isolation or low incomes in central and west London with opportunities for positive personal change. Our vision is to build stronger, happier and healthier communities to help create an enriched life where we live.”

Not only is it great to see a company content to support so many good causes, their clothes are actually really nice.


This Zous Bespoke Sweatshirt Dress (RRP £48.99) is probably one of my favourites. Be honest ladies, we ALL struggle to stay glam AND warm in the winter. I find I’m either looking fabulous freezing my tits off, or looking like a trucker keeping nice and toastie.

They do baby bits as well, and I have to admit, although I am about as maternal as a sandwich, this is really cute.

timthumb (1)

So if you want to feel a bit better about having done no Christmas shopping but literally buying loads for yourself, check out Nothing and at least feel comforted that you are doing something for charity.



One response to “Nothing Clothing Company”

  1. Nothing Clothing Company is simply brilliant and these guys are actually really nice. I have spoken with them several times on their @nothingcc2014 twitter and I must say I am super impressed. Oh and bonus points to you for finding them.

    I can’t help but get all gooey when I read the inspirational stuff lol. It’s true though they have got me. Like they say when I put my dress on it all floods back that I’ve helped these guys support someone.

    is there such thing as a nothinger? I think i’m in love with this brand already ha-ha xoxo


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