If you know me, you will know I love crisps. I don’t really have a sweet tooth (despite professing to not eat sweet food and clearing the staff room of biscuits on a regular basis), and I only let myself eat crisps now and again. I did eat 7 bags the other day but i had a cold so it’s acceptable and I’m pretty sure I burned off the calories profusely sneezing.

So apart from these little blips, my regular scheduling is to only treat myself to some crisps over the weekend. Not only are they particularly calorific, pretty much all crisps are cooked in oil. Even baked crisps, which profess to be a lot healthier still wont do you many favours in the long run.

Enter ‘Popchips’. They are not fried, they are not baked, they are actually popped like popcorn. Little known fact, popcorn is actually not too bad for you until the Empire cinema’s puts all that sweet delicious sugar on top of. Popchips have less than a 100 calories per serving, they are around 96 depending on what flavour you have. That;s about the same as a large banana (please, no inappropriate comments about large bananas, so immature). Now I’m not saying that you should skip your five a day, but if you do want a little treat now and again, then surely this is better than normal crisps?

Popchips were kind enough to send me a box to try, and I can 100% confirm, EVERY flavour is nice (my favourite was the sour cream and onion). Not that the actual Popchips lasted very long in my household, but I was over the moon with the little clip they sent me to clip my crisp bags, I usually use a peg.



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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