Maxxable phone clip

I am clumsy. It’s no secret. I am totally a ‘dropper’. The other day, I actually dropped my phone on a ladies foot. My iPhone seems to have superhuman resilience.

I have been through many though. Despite the numerous cases, screen protectors etc etc that I have bought for my iPhone, many of them have come a cropper. I dropped one on the cobbles of St Pauls during the Occupy protest, tried to blame the police for barging me and realized very quickly that if the London Metropolitan Police don’t care about getting an innocent, peaceful protester in a headlock while he was sat still in the kitchen area, they CERTAINLY don’t care about my phone.

I have managed to be a little more organized with this years iPhone and get insurance, but it’s still a worry. It already has a big chip in the metallic case from when I was mortal a few months ago in Rayleigh with my work friends.

When contacted me and asked me if I fancied trying giving the Maxxable phone clip a go, I thought why not?

Due to being so busy this festive season, I completely forgot about it, so it was a pleasant surprise when I came home to the parcel. All I can say is, what a GREAT idea!

Maxxable phone clip

It clips incredibly securely to the back of your phone, and as you can see in the picture, you can slide your two fingers into the back bit. Therefore, your phone is attached, ACTUALLY attached. No more sheer five seconds of panic when you drop your phone and wonder if it’s cracked or not!

It’s a lot more comfortable than it looks as well, I’m definitely keeping mine on, my phone may even last longer than a few months next year.

The only problem I need solved now is how to stop losing my keys?



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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