Briton of the Year

Funnily enough, when I am not advising you all not to burn your minges on the sunbeds or gossiping about TOWIE, I do actually read the Times. So like the rest of the UK, I was horrified this weekend when they voted Nigel Farage ‘Briton of the Year’.

As well as now boycotting Gogglebox for giving the vile, bigoted racist a platform, I will now be switching newspapers and avoiding anything Rupert Murdoch has got his greasy little mitts on like the plague. Not only is Nigel Farage on par with Hitler views wise, he also has really, really shit hair.

So Mr Farage, I refuse you of being my ‘Briton of the year’ on racism and hair basis’s and wish to share with you all some of my Britons of the year.

Stephen Sutton


(Image from the Independent)

On the 14th of May this year, our nation lost someone who not only touched their hearts, but helped Cancer sufferers by raising millions (4.96 as of September 2014 – Wikipedia) despite his own plight. Being diagnosed with a terminal illness at any time of life is a terrifying ordeal, but at the age of just 15, Stephen put on a brave face and defiantly disagreed to give up. Stephen began fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust, and quickly gained attention from celebrities such as Jason Manford. Deciding to help others in such a horrible situation is an incredibly selfless decision, and although his family must of been devastated when he finally lost his battle this year, they must be so proud of him.

You can still donate to Stephens page:

William Pooley


(image from:

Obviously being of the same selfless breed as Stephen, William Pooley is a nurse who contracted Ebola while volunteering in West Africa. Although there have been a handful of cases of Westerners contracting the disease during the most recent, and deadly outbreak, what makes Mr Pooley’s case different is after being returned to the UK in August and treated, he is now returning to Sierra Leone to volunteer once more. Even though it is thought his body will have now built up immunity, it’s now 100%, and let’s face it I bet not many of them Titanic survivors fancied a day trip back to the iceberg.

Kate Middleton


(Image from:

You may think Kate Middleton is ‘just a royal’ who lives off of our tax money (lets not get into the calculations of how much tourism the Royal family bring into the UK each year), but she actually does a lot, alongside Prince William for charity. The Princess is a patron for the East Anglia Childrens Hospice, and after written correspondence to a grieving mother the charity had helped, on a visit earlier this year Kate sat intently and listened to her story and comforted her.

As much as it has been relaxed in recent years, Royal protocol still certainly frowns upon Royals showing so much emotion in public (look at all the trouble Princess Diana was always in for being a kind human person), so it’s so nice that Kate can put this on the back burner and do something that all humans should do more of: listen to and comfort other people when they are in a time of need.

Bethany Townsend


(Image from:

When Bethany Townsend was preparing for her holiday, she probably didn’t have all the stupid, non-important worries most of us have before going on holiday like ‘will I look thin in my bikini?’. You see Bethany has suffered from Crohns since she was 3 years old, and after trying all sorts of drugs and being tube fed, had to have a colostomy bag fitted.

Deciding she wasn’t going to let it rule OR ruin her life any more, Bethany sent this snap of her sunbathing in a bikini to and they shared it on their Facebook page. The post has now been seen over 12 million times, which is millions more than whatever TOWIE bint is posing half naked this week and restores my faith that humanity find being real and brave attractive. Since then, she has loads of media coverage and raised loads of awareness, so good on her for taking the plunge and posting the picture.


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