#SocialMediaBlackout – respect for the families of Air Asia flight QZ8501

Like many, since I woke up Sunday morning to news of another missing plane, I have followed the story closely.

Although I may be accused of morbid curiosity, it was actually blind hope, that in the LEAST the plane had landed safely and at WORST (which is what has happened) the families would get answers and closure.

Imagine how shocked I was today, when searching the Twitter hashtag for Air Asia, the sheer amount of people sharing pictures of victims bodies and whats worse, videos of the families also seeing this.

As much as the internet has done us good, what made me even more sick to my stomach was the fact these images are being shared because people want to see them. Rather than advance our civilisation, the internet in this case has turned the human race into a race of information greedy savages, who do not have the decency and respect to leave private things private.

When viewing things on a screen, I think people forget that these images represent real human people. Parents. Siblings. People with New Year plans.

So in my own form of defiance against social media, and as a small mark of respect to the victims families from myself as an individual, I will be having a ‘Social Media Blackout’ for 24hrs.

From 9.00am (GMT) on Sunday 4th January to 9.00am (GMT) on Monday 5th January, I will not be checking, updating or interacting on any social media platforms.

If anyone wishes to join me I urge you to take a day out & enjoy spending time with real people. We all take it for granted.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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