Aloree Chlorocosmetic Skin Care

When Pravera ( ) contacted me and asked me if I would like to try an Aloree product, I have to admit, I had never heard of cosmetics based around chlorophyll. That’s probably because Aloree is the first brand to use it as a cosmetic ingredient.

In collaboration with the University of Montpellier, Aloree have discovered that chlorophyll has oxygenating and anti-oxidant properties on the skin. Aloree has patented the extraction technology, which they use to create the active ingredient from chlorophyll. They also add in the moisturizing properties of grape seed, olive and sunflower vegetable oils to provide anti – ageing properties.

So in all all, after all that, I guess you are wondering what the actual products are like?

They sent me the ‘Moisturizing fluid city – proof light’ which can be used as a day and a night cream. I highly value my nightly routine for skin care. I genuinely believe, like rings inside a tree, you can find out how old a lady is by counting the amount of moisturizing and anti-ageing products they use at night.

I don’t like too greasy a night cream, because funnily enough I don’t like to pop my eye mask on and lay down to sleep feeling my pores clogging by the second. The Aloree moisturizing fluid city – proof light is subtle and you don’t need a lot of it, which is a big bonus as it means you get more for your money.

It smells really fresh. Obviously, it’s made from chlorophyll, so it will have a certain ‘natural’ smell, but it really does smell like a spring day. The best bit is though, that when you put it on you can feel an instant ‘lift’ in your skin. Anyone who has ever used a really incredible moisturizer will know exactly what I mean there, and if you don’t maybe you should get some of this. I don’t often take to new products as my skin is really sensitive, and I don’t like to change it up too much, but this has definitely been added permanently to my skin care range!

I have added it into my nightly routine, which consists of No7 skin gel and No7 exfoliate to cleanse and tone ( ). I then use LDSN:SKINS tan. I wrote a review on it here: but basically what I love about it is I am a total tanning twat and get in a right mess, but this is really easy to put on. I then use this Aloree cream for my face after the tan is dry, so it fits in nicely.

So far, after about a week of use, I haven’t got any reaction from my skin, and it’s VERY sensitive, so I would say it’s ok for people that suffer with their skin.



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