CurlME by Pro Blo

Being from Essex, it is obligatory to have big hair. Like, massive hair. In Essex, you are judged by either your hair or your eyebrows. So how many ways are there to curl your hair?

Well, loads actually. You can use curling tongs, which will take you approximately 67 years and you’ll probably have more facial hair than actual hair to curl by time you are finished. You can use straighteners (yes STRAIGHTENERS, men never get this. Yes, all men reading this, you can use STRAIGHTENERS to curl your hair. Stop questioning it). The problem is with this is that you are more than likely to to burn your hair into an un-tamable frizzy mess that no amount of heat defense spray will resurrect. You can also do it the old fashioned way with a hair brush or hair dryer or rollers. Heated rollers are a novel new concept for us ladies, and as good as they are, there’s always that one awkward little so and so that gets stuck to your hair like an Essex girl to a footballer in Faces and just tears your hair to pieces. It’s never a good look going out with half a head of curls and half a head of cave girl style torn and battered hair that looks like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards, frontwards, and then gone back into it for your lost shoe. (No way am I leaving a Louboutin in a bush). Cleaning them isn’t exactly fun either, hands up who has sat trying to clean rollers with a toothbrush?

So even though there are all of these options, Essex girls and girls in general everywhere are left with an agonizing decision in to what way they are going to sort their big hair for tonight’s jaunt to Sugar Hut. Even if you are just going for a casual one down the slug or for something to eat at Sheesh, you need big hair. I know girls that would go out in a jumper and jeans with no make up rather than have flat, boring hair.


Introducing the CurlME by Pro Blo. CurlME are ceramic brush barrels with a detachable handle to create curl and volume. A blow dry brush with an attitude. Because the barrel detaches, you can leave the roller in until the hair is fully curled. No more arguments with your hairbrush about whether it wants to come out of your hair or not, or having guns not from being down the gym every day but from having to have the strength of ten men to hold your hair brush and hair dryer up to your hair for an entire episode of Emmerdale just to get the perfect curl. Even then after all that effort, 90% of the time a blow dry and hair brush curl will only stay in for about half hour of your night out, and you will end up making a mad dash to the toilet lady trying to barter for some hair spray and get her to spray your hair while you frantically try to resurrect some of the volume.


The £35 kit includes 6 brush barrels, which is a perfect amount for that big, bad hair do, and if you have thicker hair you can use them in two layers. Even better, you can buy packages of more barrels, so effectively if you fancied it and could fit them you could easily put a 107 in and really go for it. 6 barrels is obviously a lot better than one, or even painstakingly doing one curl at a time with your straighteners while your mate waits, Prosecco in hand cursing you for missing a life in the lad she’s been speaking to all week’s Range.

As it turns out, i’m not the only one thankful for having this little contraption bought into my life. Michelle Keegan is a big fan, and said in her blog for ‘Hello’ magazine …a fail safe hair kit for achieving a salon style blow dry.I love it because it’s really easy to use!”

The link is here if you fancy a read:

Also, Holly Hagan love them, she said ”I’m in LOVE with my Pro Blo brushes, anyone who loves a curly blow should invest in these”

Chloe’s beauty bar in Brenwtood use them, and for any of you living under a rock yes that is in fact the beauty bar owned by none other than Chloe Sims from TOWIE.

Let’s all be honest with ourselves who ISN’T jealous of Michelle Keegans hair? If you say you are not jealous of Michelle Keegans hair (or Boyfriend, or body, or bank balance) you are as much of a liar as that one person who says they never eat the biscuits in the staff room. Not only that, but the bible itself has advocated use of these little bad boys. Yes ladies, the bible, my one true love Vogue magazine has featured them in the directory they list of all the months best products.


There are two rules I abide by in life. Always listen to Vogue, and always moisturize your feet. The second one might sound a bit random, but you are on them all day and you only get one pair.

Another advocate of these little gems is my favourite blog, Scouse Bird problems. You can see what she thinks here:

From a beauty bloggers perspective, I REALLY like the simplicity of this product. There are so many things a girl is meant to be doing while getting ready now. On top of trying to have big beautiful Essex hair, us ladies are now all faced with the prospect of things like contouring (which can either make you look like Kim Kardashian or Kat Slater depending on whether it all goes great or horribly wrong), eyebrow GEL. Yes GEL you no longer draw them on ladies you gel them now with a little mascara brush. Eyelashes. Fake tan. Eyeliner that comes in an ink pot that you have to actually take the time to paint on with a brush.

Yes it’s all go in the getting ready routine, and by time you add using curling tongs to do one curl at a time you might as well kiss goodbye to that pre-drink you were going to have down the pub because the drinks in the club are hideously expensive (even if they do come in those fancy block white glasses).



If anything is going to speed up the process, it’s CurlME, you can cheat your way to that big barnet in a mere few minutes. If you want to know exactly how to use them, there is a video here:


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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