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When Furless cosmetics asked me if I fancied trying one of their make up brush sets, I was over the moon. Being an animal lover, I am well all for things that do not use animal fur or harm then during the production process. The problem is, although I wouldn’t WEAR fur, make up brushes are really not something I would of thought about. You rarely sit blending your foundation wondering if any animals were harmed to make your face look this good, so it’s great that Furless cosmetics have gone ahead and cornered that market. They sent me a ‘Black Beauty’ set to try out.

Furless cosmetics are an Australian company and not only are their make up brushes fur free, vegan and ethical, but they also work with fur free retailers and charities. Imagine being able to do a good deed while doing something you do every day, like putting your make up on? Although they are still mainly trading in Australia, the price isn’t too expensive at all, and they are happy to ship to the UK, so something to thin about when you make your next make up brush set purchase?

Why use Furless cosmetics instead of normal brushes?

Well who better to explain than the company themselves? I have taken this from their website http://www.furlesscosmetics.com.au :

Well for starters, synthetic makeup brushes are superior to animal fur brushes, and here are the reasons why:

Synthetic bristles don’t need to be sterilised like animal hair does, making our brushes more hygienic and hypoallergenic.

Synthetic brushes don’t dry out like animal fur does.

Because Furless brushes don’t dry out, they don’t become coarse and scratchy like animal fur does.

Furless brushes last FAR longer than animal fur.

Synthetic fibres are FAR softer than animal fur.

Due to advancements in technology, the bristles in our Furless brushes have been crimped to mimic animal hair, to pickup and hold powders like fur does. The argument that synthetic hair does not hold powder is no longer valid.

There is no need for animal involvement whatsoever.

All our products are 100% vegan friendly.

What brushes do they do?

Well just to point out they don’t JUST do brushes, but that is the main product. In the ‘Black beauty’ make up brush set, there is something to cater for every whim. Please see my video tutorial to see what they all actually do, but here’s a quick lowdown:

ME4 – Precision eyeliner

ME2 – Angled eyeliner

ME3 – Domed crease brush

ME5 – Eye shadow brush

ME1 – Angled eye shadow brush

MF1 – Powder brush

MF2 – Blending brush

MF3 – Blush brush

How do the actual brushes feel?

Well you would think, being synthetic that they are a bit hard on the old face. Well they are not. In actual fact I find Furless cosmetics brushes SOFTER than my normal brushes. The ‘Black beauty’ set comes in a really nicely presented wallet as well, so if you go on hols you can properly pretend you are one of the Kardashians and take your massive big make up brush set with you.


5 responses to “Furless cosmetics”

  1. I never really thought about my brushes before, but the fact that these are fur free is pretty cool.



    1. Same, you just dont think about what they are made from do you?


  2. Great post hun, really made me think about the quality of the brushes I use!


    1. Me too, you dont realise how much a good set is an asset until you get your hands on one


  3. […] got sent a lovely set of brushes by Furless Cosmetics a while ago, and it really pushes me to keep them clean because they are so nice. If you are as […]


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