Coloristiq – Online Nail Polish Rental

People think of all sorts of things nowadays. I mean, look at the sandwich toaster. Whoever invented a way for me to full on seal my cheese and ham in airtight pockets of bread, I salute you.

Blockbuster video got well done out of business by the popular online movie rental site, Netflix. For my younger fan’s, if you don’t know what a VHS is:


maybe you can look on the Wikipedia page this photo came from and educate yourselves on the history of films

Anyway, online film rental has been about for a while, and ‘Netflix’ is now an adjective. But what if you could rent out beauty products? I’m not joking, I’m serious all you nail varnish obsessives, what if you could, for merely £9.99 a month (until the end of January, sign up quick), rent unlimited nail varnishes, from great brands like China Glaze, 3 at a time, and in an unlimited capacity?

Well, you can. Coloristiq are a new concept where you can rent multi-brand nail varnishes, have them posted to your door and send them back. With loads of colours, and brand such as OPI and Essie, you no longer need to spend out on an expensive nail varnish and wear it to the death because you paid so much for it.

If you visit you can pick three nail varnishes at a time, which will be sent to you in a handy package.

Coloristiq Nail Polish Rental

Not only is it well presented, but it is presented beautifully. There are a few ground rules for fair usage. Obviously, it goes without saying to put the nail varnish on your nails. Coloristiq don’t specify not to put the nail varnish up your nose or in your ear, so please don’t take this omission to mean it’s acceptable.

The first one is to use each bottle for three applications, which sounds fair. I get bored of a nail colour after approximately a day. The second is to treat it with due care. Makes sense. You wouldn’t want a dirty old clogged nail varnish coming to you, so don’t send it on yourself. The next one is not to throw away the box, wrappers etc, you will need them to return your nail polish.

When my pack arrived (incredibly quickly might I add) I was over the moon with the three colours, and am torn between the Red and the dark glittery Black.

Coloristiq Nail Polish Rental

Coloristiq Nail Polish Rental

Coloristiq Nail Polish Rental

Another thing that hit me, is this would be great for nail technicians, as they could constantly offer their regular customers different choice for a fraction of the price of buying ALL the nail polishes. If you paint your nails as much as me, it’s certainly worth a look.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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