Guest Blog – Claire Louise – Five things you’ll want to think about for 2015

Five Things You’ll Want To Think About For 2015

We’re already well into January, and this is the month where a lot of us start thinking about goals for the year. Forget about resolutions for a second, and have a little think instead about where you might like to see yourself sitting when you’re reflecting back on the end of the year. Were you proud of yourself in 2014? If not, why not?

There are some things we’re told time and time again that we should do more, but that’s because they’re so important! If there’s something you want to do with your life, why not make 2015 the year where you make it happen…?

Sort Out Your Career

Or don’t. You know, this one is all on you. If you wake up every morning hating your life, nobody except you is going to suffer. It doesn’t exactly sound fun, does it? There are loads of ways around it, starting with expanding your skill set. Yes, jobs don’t grow on trees, but they don’t need to, do they? Life is what you make it. Pad out your blog, start volunteering, make a LinkedIn and trawl the job sites. It’s never too early or too late to start searching, and never feel like you have to settle!

Travel More!

Hello, I have my morbid hat on, but did you know that in several polls, not travelling more topped the list of regrets of the dying? Now, you’re a long way from your deathbed I’m sure, but it’s a sobering thought. Whilst you’re still young, there are loads of ways you can take advantage of travel, from working holiday visas, to summer camp jobs and more. Always moaning about England? Sort your stuff out, and get out of here for a while! Or you can just backpack, plan a road trip – whatever. The world is your oyster.


A Beach Has Got To Beat Wherever You Are Right Now…

Find A Cause

Finding something you believe in, something to fight for, or even just a way of making the world a little bit better is underrated. Not only will people be genuinely helped by you, but you’ll find it easier to make peace with yourself and your life choices, as it can be so rewarding! Have a look for volunteering opportunities, commit to something and then give back. You’ll feel better, I promise. I started volunteering for Peterborough Rape Crisis last year. Do I have the time? Not really. Do I regret it? Nah, never.

Be Nicer

Does it really matter that the girl you no longer speak to has cankles? Or that the woman in front of you in the queue in Tesco has the worst hairstyle you’ve ever seen in your life? That old saying “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” rings true here. Do you really need to take pictures of these people, put them on Facebook, and make fun of them? No, you really don’t. So just let it go. Think it to yourself and have a giggle if you must, but you won’t feel any better about your life just because you’ve had a bit of a bitch!


Image Source From One Of The Coolest Movies Of All Time…!

By all means though, stop keeping people in your life who drag you down. This one’s different. Just because you’re a nice person doesn’t mean you have to let people who just ‘take, take, take’ walk all over you.

Accept Who You Are

This one might be the most cliché, but make 2015 the year where you learn to love yourself. You’re more than the number on the scale, the number of friends in your circle, or the number next to your degree classification. Whatever else it might be that brings you down, think instead about the positives. You don’t have to change who you are to change your circumstances, if you think that would make you that much happier. Good luck!

(These words of wisdom *ahem* were brought to you by Claire Louise)


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