When Did You Last Go For An Eye Test?


( Image From: www.lensshopper.com/glasses-online )

Oh the eye test. One of those niggly little ‘to do’s’ like painting the door frame and shaving your legs (JOKES ladies you should shave your legs every day – MINGERS).

I went for an eye test Saturday after seven years. Yep, SEVEN. So what had kept me away from optimum eye health all that time? I’m not scared of the optician if that’s what you are thinking (although I’m not keen on touching people and having someone practically kiss me does make me feel a bit uncomfortable).

I just haven’t had time. As much as I have meant to go numerous times, life has got in the way. Saturday mornings hungover, holidays, travelling and living away from home for months on end.

The last 18 months of so, my sight has been really bad. I’ll usually just stick my hand out for any bus until it’s right on top of me, and hope for the best. I know letters really well, as I have read since a young age, so I guess that’s how I’ve got on with reading.

I booked an eye test with Boots (who are very good by the way) fully expecting to be told I need glasses (which I do, a lovely Marc Jacobs pair I have to wear all the time).

What I didn’t expect, was the other eye problems, and indications of other health problems the optician can pick up on. First thing’s first, the sight. My right eye is completely buggered. I might as well have a wooden one to be honest. My Mum say’s this is karma for taking the piss out of Gabrielle all the time. Although your body is very resilient and will just use the good eye, it’s not going to be great in the long run.

The photograph of my retina (which looks DISGUSTING by the way) showed up some macular changes in my left eye. My Nan suffers from macular degeneration which is hereidtry, so this is obviously a clue that when I’m older I may get it. There’s not a lot you can do for it, but at least I have this early warning and can make sure I keep up to date with my eye health.

If you are worried about yourself or anyone else and don’t really ‘get’ macular degeneration (I can’t even say it) there is a great video here. Really annoying American geezer narrating though.

So going for an eye test, these are all things to do with the eye. Makes sense doesn’t it. But here’s the big one. I have Bear Tracks. Which look like this:


( Image from: http://www.optos.com/RecognizingPathology/pages/Lesions/CHRPE-58.html )

These pretty little markings won’t do anything to my eye. In actual fact, they are benign legions at the back of my left retina. What CHRPE (the correct term) does mean though, is that I am at an increased risk of Colon Cancer. Due to the chromosomal defect being linked to both things, CHRPE and getting FAP which can then lead to Colon Cancer, these bear tracks are often a ‘pre – warning’ system. Mine were bought up in my last eye test actually years ago, so although I need to see my GP, keep track or any stomach changes and just be aware of this, it’s unlikely they have only just manifested.

So what is the point  I am trying to make by telling you all this massively personal information?


Don’t put it off. You could receive information in a routine eye test that could save your life. The eye’s can act as windows to all sorts of health problems like Diabetes and high Cholesterol.

If you are reading this, and you cannot remember your last eye test, book one now. Boots have a £10 eye check voucher offer at the moment so there really is no excuse!!!!


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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