Don’t be ‘careful’ what you say to the press, don’t say anything at all!

Recently, I was contacted by a local ‘Newspaper’ (I use the term loosely) to give an interview about my blog and the Dryathlon.

For anyone who hasn’t got that friend who is painfully glaring at you when you have a drink all January, the ‘Dryathlon’ is to raise money for Cancer Research. The ‘Dryathlon’ is why I started my blog last year, and it only felt right to raise some more money this year as a thanks.

Unfortunately, they decided to twist this into an article about me having a ‘drinking problem’ inviting loads of nasty comments on the rags website.

In reply, no I dont ‘put out’ and I dont need £50 chucked at me in the street thanks. Ask me again after Marbs though, will probably need all the help I can get. I DO have people to socialize with thanks, and there’s not really room in the gang if thats why you were asking! Sorry funners only!

Also, hilarious, the terminology they said I used was unreal. I never ‘crave’ wine. I JUST WANT WINE NOW.


I doubt this will be the last time I am lied about in the press, but it’s evident people will shit on you from a great height if you are trying to do something good, so I wont be doing any more press for a while.

However, I have in the past been interviewed by some lovely companies and blogs, and will continue to support bloggers by speaking to them about what I am doing and why. 🙂

If you want to read a GREAT interview of things I’ve ACTUALLY said, did a great job here:

Ps. If you are kind enough to sponsor me for the actual cause here is the link: Kelly Jackson is fundraising for Cancer Research UK


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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