Guest Blog Month

Ahh February the month of love. Well for us single people, it’s the month of depressing realization that no fucker is going to take us out for dinner on February the 14th. For me, it’s a great month, because it’s my birthday. I’m sure you are all keen to buy me a massive gift on 21st February, so here’s my Amazon wishlist link:

So anyway, all jokes and poncing aside, there really isn’t a lot going on in February. All the excitement of keeping to and blogging about your New Years Resolutions has receded, and they have become part of your daily routine. You are still skint from Christmas, and the weathers crap.

Henceforth, (and if any other bloggers want to get involved PLEASE use the hashtag #guestblogmonth) I am going to declare February the month of the guest blog and host loads of lovely bloggers on my page.

If you wish to send a guest blog over, please send them to

As well as this, it would be great if other bloggers got involved and hosted guest blogs, lets get blogging going mental for February!


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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