Fashionable Foodie – Ferne McCann Launches Blog

Fashionable Foodie 2

With ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ being so popular, we are no longer surprised when one of the cast pursues an outside venture. Clothes boutiques are the most popular choice, and bars/restaurant’s are coming in a close second, also not to forget Charlie’s very successful Deli which is always packed (take it from someone whose been).

I was invited to Ferne’s blog launch last night but couldn’t go due to illness, and I can honestly say I’m gutted. It’s so refreshing to see a TOWIE girl combining beauty and fashion WITH food. With so many fitness DVD’s on the market from different celebrities, it’s nice to see one stand up and say ‘Hey, I’m here, I enjoy food’. As her other half runs a deli, it’s surely going to be a success in the food sections. ‘Ferne’s fridge’ is a section on the website where she shares recipes and what she has been eating. The Asian broth has definitely already been bookmarked to try soon!

Fashionable Foodie 7 (1)

As well as giving us all advice on places to eat and recipes, Ferne is also going to be doing make up and beauty tutorials and giving out fashion advice. If you want to know whether you can trust this from your favourite TOWIE lady, please trust me, I met her at the ITVbe launch party and the woman is stunning in real life (and way nice) so if you are going to take beauty tips from anyone, take them from Ferne.

Showing what a blog done incredibly well can look like, her video make up tutorial with LA make up artist Benny Hancock looks fantastic, and is available on her blog as well.

As well as all the make up and food, it’s easy to forget Ferne is actually a hair stylist, so no doubt we can expect some awesome hair tips. When it comes to fashion, Ferne is going to be rounding up her style crushes and weeks fashion and using the #Wear2Eat hashtag used to diarise her look from different restaurant and bars.

Being a blogger myself, I’m excited to see someone from a reality show doing something more substantial and getting involved in the blogging community. It would be easy for other bloggers to get a bit put out, as Ferne obviously has an amazing team around her helping her along the way, but you can tell from the way everything is worded, she puts it all in herself. Unfortunately for the TOWIE cast they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t, and while they always get slated for their new ventures (Mark Wrights bar, Dueces, was even subject to an arson attack), people slate them anyway for ‘not having proper jobs’.

So good luck Ferne, and welcome to the blogging community! I’m happy to have you on board, especially if you are talking about food!!


One response to “Fashionable Foodie – Ferne McCann Launches Blog”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Ferne always looks good in the TOWIE series. She definitely knows her make up! I also booked a towie tour to meet her!


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