What Can We Expect From The New Series Of TOWIE

While TOWIE is considered a guilty pleasure by some, there are plenty of us that will stand up and say we absolutely love it. Not content with getting our Ferne fix through her blog (http://confessionsofasoberessexgirl.co.uk/2015/02/06/fashionable-foodie-ferne-mccann-launches-blog/), stalking Chloe on Twitter and reading EVERY single gossip column to see if Eliiot Wright is back on the market officially yet, we can rejoice in the fact that TOWIE hits our screens on ITVbe on Sunday 22nd February 2015.

So what does the new series have in store?

Who’s out? 


(Image from: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizonsunday/6160283/Towie-star-James-Argent-in-Priory-rehab-for-Christmas-to-curb-partying-ways.html )

Everyone’s ‘favourite’ crooner Arg will still be noticeably missing this series, after a stint in rehab before Christmas. Although he claims his partying and diet just got a bit out of control, it’s clear that poor Arg has much more deep rooted issues, and although it’s not nice to kick someone when they are down hopefully his booting from the show will show him that you can’t just go around being a fat arsehole to everyone and doing what you want with no repercussions.

Lydia will no doubt struggle for story lines without him, and the united front they put on in Ibiza was clearly a desperate attempt from her to get a ticket back onto the show (it’s clear how long bosses wanted to drag it out for as I over heard her at filming going ‘James stop it we’re not meant to be together on the show yet’ while he was pawing at her with his greasy hands.


(Image from: http://www.reveal.co.uk/showbiz-celeb-gossip/news/a602038/towie-preview-tommy-mallet-george-harrison-ricky-rayment-arg–lydia.html )

Unfortunately, unlike her entertaining co-newbie from last series, Tommy Mallett, George has been told she will not be in this series due to lack of story lines. Although it was said that she had a mutual agreement with producers, it’s clear she basically told she wasn’t entertaining enough. Can’t say I’d be crying into my prosecco if I looked like her, and she’s only young so will surely find something to do with herself.

Who’s in?


( Image from: http://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/when-does-new-towie-series-start )

Although she has popped up now and again, it seems Leah Wright has been afforded the luxury of joining the gang in Tenerife for the first episode. Could this be a hint that Elliots sister is going to play a bigger part in all the drama?

Also, Tommy Mallett is set to stay as his relationship with Georgia is still going strong.


The gang are off to Tenerife for the first episode, with filming starting a couple of weeks ago. On Valentines day, they are filming all day in Chelmsford so they obviously didn’t stay long. Maybe with the loss of such key characters, like Joey and Sam, budget restraints mean they can’t quite afford Marbs this year.



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