Jan Rayment vs Jess Wright – TOWIE bust ups, missing dogs and Twitter fueds

So last nights episode of TOWIE FINALLY saw Ricky and Jess agree to disagree, but at least be civil on Twitter.

When they met in the park with their dogs, heated words were had about who said what about who on Twitter and Instagram, with Jess clearly feeling Ricky had started the social media war, and Ricky thinking Jess was to blame.

They agreed to disagree, and Ricky’s dog Blake legged it because even he felt so uncomfortable and bored of all the rowing (he’s safe and sound now).

Ricky followed up with a Tweet saying “No more digs. No more Tweets. #Movingon”.


While it’s all very well for Ricky to stay dignified, unfortunately, he can’t do a lot about what his Mum, Jan Rayment decides to Tweet. Wading in on the argument on whether his relationship with Marnie from Geordie Shore was ‘Real’ she Tweeted the following:


Jess’s fans were quick to point out that none of her family have taken such an ‘involved’ stance on their personal social media accounts.


As much as both parties have decided to stay civil, it doesn’t seem like we have heard the end of this one.

Meanwhile, poor old Marnie seems to be taking the heat on social media.


We do wish you would all stop rowing on Twitter guys, save it for the show!


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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