Arg tells Ricky to ‘Be more respectful’ (which he ignores)

Loads kicked off on last nights TOWIE, and a sneaking feeling was had by all it was going to end up being Vas that told Chloe Lauren was angry she had a rival hair product in her salon.

Vas however, claims that he only mentioned it in passing to try and fix the on/off friendship. Either was it was horrible to see Vas get so upset over some emails, hopefully he wont take them to heart or change.

Meanwhile, the new and improved mature Argent was making amends which saw him applogising to Gemma.

Taking a mature stance on life, he also stuck up for his close friend Jess, and told him to ‘be more respectful’ on social media.

Judging by this tweet it clearly went in one ear and out the other.


In the cute couples section of TOWIE, Georgina got a bit upset about how much time Tommy was spending at the club, but like a true gentleman he sent this reassuring tweet.


Tommy is a great light addition to the show with his quick sense of humour, and maybe this will pull TOWIE back to the success of previous series.

A lot of fans have the feeling on social media that with the loss of key players like Joey & Sam the show just isn’t the same.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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