UK Eurovision Entry Chosen

The Uk Eurovision entry has been announced this weekend,with the song already being panned as destined to lose us the competition again. The contest, which will be held in Vienna in May after Conchita Wurst controversially won last year, will see Electro Velvet represent the UK with their song ‘Still In Love With You.

The ‘electro swing’ number does not represent a new genre. Electro swing has been doing the rounds since at lease 2010, doing rounds with underground nights in locations like London and Southend. Whether the different approach can win us the Eurovision song contest is a debatable subject, with one Twitter user, saying “Our Country can do such beautiful things – except when it comes to Eurovision”.

Bianca Nicholas, one hald of the duo, was a contestant on the voice and has sung before the Royal Family at charity events. Larke has sung with tribute bands and is, by day, a primary school teacher.

Obviously our country has learned nothing from ‘Jemini’, the duo who famously scored nothing for the UK.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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