Kylie Watching Her Old DVDs To Prepare For Tour


Image from ‘The Sun’

Kylie Minogue has admitted on Australian chat show ‘The Project’ that she has been forced to watch DVD’s of her old tours to re-learn dance moves she has forgot.

Kylie, 46 is about the kick off the Australian leg of her ‘Kiss Me Once Tour’ and performing in her home country is causing the pressure to mount, and after being shown a clip of herself she told the host she ‘wasn’t ready’.

She also admitted she fired her mother from helping out in the costume department a few years ago, but it was with the beat intentions. Minogue said she wanted her Mum to kick back and enjoy the shows.

Kylie admitted to brushing up on moves by watching her own DVD’s. The singer is no stranger to hugely successful live tours, so she is set to rock Perth on Saturday when she opens the shows.


One response to “Kylie Watching Her Old DVDs To Prepare For Tour”

  1. Oh my god, that is hilarious. I guess she needs to get a third person perspective to meet all the pressure mounted on her.


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