New Zealand X Factor Judges Fired For Bullying

Willy Moon and Natalia Kills, who are husband and wife, have been dramatically fired from the New Zealand version of ‘X Factor’ for what is being called ‘a destructive tirade’ against Joe Irvine, a contestant.

Natalia led the rant, after accusing Joe of stealing her husbands look. Not content with offering constuctive critiscism of any kind, Natalia called Irvine ‘Disgusting’ and claimed she was embaressed to be sitting watching him.

While the other judges looked on feeling uncomfortable, and the audience booed and jeered at the judges shocking comments, Willy Moon chose to continue the tirade and compared the contestant to Norman Bates and made an ill received joke he may murder the crowd.

In a statement, MediaWorks, the company responsible for the New Zealand version have called their comments ‘completely unacceptable’ amid complaints of bullying from the public.

The pair can expect no sympathy from fellow judges, with British judge slamming Natalia on Twitter calling her a ‘Twat’.



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