Guest Blog From Shola Davies – Becoming the YOU in you

A feeling of living a life without reaching full potential could be one of the most devastating feelings ever, indeed a life under-the-radar knowing that you have much more ability could be very distressing. So how does one conquer mediocrity and reach for the best?

It all starts with you, you alone can unleash the real YOU in you. Making the decision to excel at all cost is the very first step to becoming the best version of yourself. By doing this, you have achieved ‘mental break-through’ which is an essential step in overcoming mediocrity.

One’s mind-set is extremely important, and until the mentality is positive there cannot be a true break-through. Every human is born unique with a purpose, but the irregularities of life come like a storm as a form of distraction. It is the responsibility of each individual to discover that gift that makes him/her stand-out. Many times the problem an individual faces should be the catalyst that propels him to achieve his dream and everyone should develop the mind-set, attitude and character to be able to withstand the storms and overcome them.

Real life examples come from stories like that of;

– Steve Jobs who was a college drop-out, fired technical executive and an unsuccessful business man. He was also unceremoniously removed from his own company, but later returned to head the innovation of new apple products like the I-pod, I-phone, and I-pad. Today he’s known as the man that changed the computer, music, film and wireless industries. His efforts did not go unrecognised as he received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President Ronald Reagan only to distinguished inventors and innovators.

– Oprah Winfrey who was fired in her first job and deemed ‘not fit enough for television’. She refused mediocrity and worked hard to begin her own show which is regarded as the highest rated talk show in American television history. She is today a talk-show host, actress, producer, philanthropist, and arguably the most influential woman in the world.

– Michael Jordan who is widely recognised as the best basketball player of all time was cut from his high-school basketball team, but that didn’t stop him instead he worked even harder.

I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career, have lost more than 300 games, been entrusted to take the games winning shot on 26 occasions and still missed. I have failed over and over again and that is why I succeed”.- Michael Jordan.

It goes to show you- a man who was once hungry might have the ability to feed nations.

A man who was once sick might have the ability to treat sick patients.

The potential is always there like a seed, but it is each person’s responsibility to dig deep, identify these gifts, nurture and develop them to full potential.

In order to achieve life goals, it is imperative that the following steps are considered carefully;

  1. Vision and Evaluation; a great vision is the birth and beginning of every great project. It is important to have great visions and big dreams. Reflect and evaluate on your problems in time past and how to avoid such problems.
  2. Planning; have a written plan on how to achieve this vision, set date targets and how these targets can be reached.
  3. Execution; while it is important to dream big, it is even more important to execute this dreams. It remains a dream until an action is taken to make it a reality. Take the giant step of action; nothing is really achieved until adequate steps are actually taken to achieve them. Also never underestimate little beginnings. Adequate actions create the future.
  4. Be Persistent; understanding the process of vision is key at this point in order to keep up the motivation. Never give up on your dreams!

So many are tempted to give-up haven given so much in life without achieving much, but it is very important to stay positive.

Dream big, have a concrete plan on how to execute this dream, take a giant step and be persistent.

Where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY.

It’s a new day for you! Get Inspired!!!


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