The Brentwood Kitchen

The Brentwood Kitchen, Essex

So when I got invited along to the Brentwood kitchen to try out some of their food, I must admit, I was having trouble placing it. I know Brentwood pretty well as I used to work there, and just couldn’t place it.

Then we rocked up and saw it next to Amy Childs Salon, and once I saw the bright, welcoming outside I realised EXACTLY where I recognised it from. It has been featured in TOWIE a lot this series, and no wonder, what a lovely little place.

The Brentwood Kitchen

We walked in and the set out is very open and airy. The decor has lots of light colours so it feels like a bright, relaxed place to eat some food. We were especially impressed by the owl salt and pepper pots as well, and resisted all temptation to steal them as I am a professional.


For a start not only do they serve loads of lovely food, but you can buy all sorts of sundries etc to take home and give a bit of a ‘Brentwood Kitchen’ touch to your home cooking. They also had a VERY large bucket of prosecco.

Brentwood Kitchen

The lunch menu was really varied, and you can get a lot more choice than you would in a standard cafe or deli. What I like is they had a lot of nice little twists to normal, boring meals. Like serving salmon with the scrambled egg. Perfect if you fancy giving your tummy a treat when you wake up one Saturday morning.

I opted for the Breakfast, and as you can see, everything on the plate was fresh and cooked to perfection.


One thing I can’t praise highly enough is the scrambled egg. It was like and fluffy and creamy and everything good scrambled egg should be, not that horrendous rubbery stuff you get at McDonalds. The sausages were lovely, with just the right hint of flavours so as not to take away from the actual sausage itself but to perfectly compliment it. Everything else on the plate was clearly sourced from only the best suppliers, and even the apple juice was the best I’ve had anywhere.As you can also see, they certainly don’t skimp on the portions.

However, if you CAN squeeze in anything after your meal, I would certainly go for a cake. They have all of the cakes on the counter so you can salivate over them accordingly while eating your meal.


Another great thing as well as the service and the food, was that they are very children friendly. They have a great play area at the back where the little ones can get up to all sorts of mischief with the vast array of toys on offer.

Also, cleverly, they run an after school club.

Yes, you read that right, an after school club. For just £6 (which lets face it is cheaper than ‘fast food’ chains nowadays) on a Wednesday and Friday you can take the bambinos to the Brentwood Kitchen for a hearty after school meal, with free unlimited squash. Mum’s and Dad’s will also be treated to a tea or coffee.

I really don’t know what more to say about this fabulous place. Great food, great service, great decor. I’ll be back for a prosecco within the next few weeks, and hopefully the weather will perk up so I can sit outside.


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  2. […] Collins in what used to be Charlies Deli. The Skin Clinic is at the other end of the high street to The Brentwood Kitchen. The building itself is very non-imposing, and the reception and waiting area is clean, but warm. […]


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