Is a Spice Girls Reunion On The Cards?

Is it really 20 years since the Spice Girls burst onto the scene with ‘Wannabe’?

Well no, but next year it will be, and a certain blonde bombshell has more than hinted a reunion may be on the cards to celebrate the occasion.

She said in an interview “We are always emailing and chatting about it”.

The girls performed at the Summer Olympics in 2012, but with them all having children and separate careers it is hard for them to be able to work out the timing.

Victoria Beckham is especially busy, as she has recently opened her flagship Victoria Beckham shop on Dover Street.

The girls enjoyed global success with their proclamations of ‘Girl Power’ and hits such as ‘Spice up Your Life’ and Goodbye’, and were famous in every continent on the globe. They split in 1998 after Geri Haliwell announced she was leaving the band.

Since then each member has gone on to have success with solo music, and Mel B was a judge on the last season of the UK x Factor.



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