Simply Supplements

I do love the opportunity to put something natural into my body, so when

 popped up while searching for diet pills I decided to give them a try.

I got their ‘Burnoff’ (

diet capsules, ‘HSN plus’ ( for hair skin and nails and some ‘Simply Enhance Detox Tea’ ( first thing I thought was great was that the capsules came in nice big 180 pots. There’s nothing worse than only being able to get 30 capsules in a pot and having to leg it down to Holland & Barrett because the tablets you have been taking have run our and you fear you might grow a beard if you stop taking them too abruptly.

I also am a terrible dropper, so usually I tend to loose a lot of capsules on the floor. I’m not sure if some of the diets pills I have dropped in the past have been actually harmful to my cat Lily Allen when she’s found them and eaten them, but come to think of it she IS looking really skinny lately.

You’ll be able to get her new exercise video in the New Year.

Burnoff Capsules.

The Burnoff capsules are a two a day diet capsule that you take before breakfast and lunch like all other popular diet pills. They contain Sinetrol, which is a patented extract made from citrus fruits. At first, I didn’t know if they were working, as I didn’t feel off my head like I do when I take T5’s and they didn’t suppress my appetite. Well, thats what I thought. towards the end of the first week, I noticed I stopped being able to eat so much in one go, so was getting fuller quicker. Lo and behold, I weighed myself and had lost 2 pounds in the first week of using them.

I liek the fact they don;t feel ‘strong’ but still make you loose weight, because most caffeine based diet pills make you feel like your drink has been spiked. I would highly recommend these if you want a little boost and are going to exercise as well.

Detox Tea With Milk Thistle.

The detox tea Simply Supplements sent me contains milk thistle, Boldo Leaves and Common Mellow leaves, and I tried having one at breakfast and one before bed. one thing I will say is that I found they REALLY reduced bloating a lot. They say you can drink them in between meals, so obviously you can use them in conjunction with the Burnoff capsules. Another great little thing I found about them, is that one night I had a bit to drink and felt a bit rough in the morning. So I had a detox tex and it made me feel a lot better in about half an hour, which was great. It’s always good to find a hangover cure where you least expect it.

HSN Plus.

The HSN plus are a two a day capsule which use extracts to promote healthy hair skin and nails. Obviously due to how long hair and nails take to grow I can’t comment on this, but I have noticed a glow in my skin, not just like it’s cleared up, but it has got an actual glow.

All in all I would recommend the little package of three items they sent to me to start getting ready for those summer jaunts to Marbs.



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