What Will Happen In Tonight’s Penultimate TOWIE

So tonight marks the one BEFORE the last one in the most boring series of TOWIE ever. Despite the fact that Jake a Chloe have been the most sinfully boring addition to the show since Gemma’s ‘new shop’ (which looks exactly the same as the old one), we all still tune in to have those loose ends tied up.

The whole Tommy/Georgia/Diags/Fran thing is sure to rear it’s ugly an monotonous head again, as Diags faces accusations that it was HE who was unfaithful from fans. The loveable rouge has had more than an image makeover this series, with one fan tweeting “Diags and Fran are my least favourite couple. He’s not himself since he got with that controlling, nasty little girl”.

The couple themselves have remained tight lipped on Twitter, and the only person embroiled in the row who has anything to say is the loose lipped Tommy who has been largely defending himself and his relationship.

We will also get to see what will happen in the budding relationship between Jess Wright and Dan Edgar, with the last few episodes indicating he may be a bit more keen than her, but after the way Ricky treated her who can blame her for wanting to err on the side of caution.

Boringly, I’m sure we will also get to see what happens between complete weirdo Jake Hall and dull but stunning Chloe Lewis, with him randomly running in the Welsh sea to prove his love to her last episode.

Unfortunately with the lack of humorous characters like Bobby being given airtime, and one’s that are hilarious like Joey leaving, this series has seemed more than a little flat.

Also, the trips to Wales and Tenerife instead of the usual glamocations like Marbella and Vegas have left fans wondering if this could be d=signalling the end of the show, which has been commissioned for the next series but no further ahead than that.



One response to “What Will Happen In Tonight’s Penultimate TOWIE”

  1. Agreed. It’s been a weak series which is a shame. Jake and Chloe are dreadful. The best characters didn’t get enough air time. Lauren Pope has this permanent look on her face saying ‘what the hell am I still doing on here, I’m better than this!’ I hope they get it sorted for the next series….


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