Dial a Beer, Essex

Now and again, I come across something that I just think is a really incredible idea. Wood burners, eyebrow gel and microwave egg poachers are my latest favourites. However, sometimes I will find services a great idea as well.

I’ve been aware of http://www.dialabeer.uk for ages. It’s actually my friend that owns it so I am a little bit naughty for not posting a blog on it sooner, but what an idea.

Basically, if you live in Canvey, Basildon, Benfleet or surrounding area’s, and the party is just getting going and you run out of drink, you can order some.

No one likes it when someone turns up with no drink, drinks loads and then goes ‘oh sorry the offy’s shut now I can’t get any more’. Catch them out with Dial A Beer.

They are obviously fully licensed and all above board, and guess what? They even sell prosecco!!! Yay!

They have prices and opening times on their website, but the best thing to do is follow them on Twitter as they always have deals and offers http://www.twitter.com/dialabeeressex


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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