Choosing The Right Bikini For Your Shape

Holiday season is upon us ladies, and yet again, it’s that time of year where we all stress and panic because we haven;t dieted and exercised quite as much as we made out we would during our little New Years Resolutions phase and we have no idea how to now work with what we have got and make ourselves look flattering. Fear not ladies, I am in so the same boat that I have contrived this handy guide for you to all look effing fabulous!

The Kim Kardashian.


(Image from the Sun newspaper)

So you are quite proportional at the top, but have a little junk in the trunk?

Welcome to my world ladies, it’s a minefield out there between covering up your sins and making your legs and bottom look even bigger. There are a few handy little tips for making sure you look amazing.

– Avoid shorts bottoms. I know this sounds like your worst nightmare, but the bottoms of the shorts tightly imprisoning your legs will only make them look bigger.

– Go for a halter neck to broaden the shoulders and make you look more ‘In proportion’. Failing that, if you are more looking for a swimsuit, a lunging neckline will draw attention to the top, rather than the bottom.

– Bottoms with details like side ties and frills will only draw attention to the bottom, so avoid these all together.

– A padded top will fill out the top a bit and again make you look more in proportion.

The Katy Perry.


( Image from: )

So you were totally blessed with a large bust, but no junk in the trunk. Unfortunately, the nature of us women means if we had a pear shape we’d want a large bust, and if we had a large bust we’d want a pear shape. Personally I want a cup of coffee and a panini but that’s another slimming struggle story. There are many ways to get the best look out of this shape, and here’s a few of them:

– Get a proper ‘bra style’ bikini top so that you are provided with support. No one want’s one of the girls going to the shop and the other one coming back with the change in your holiday photo’s.

– Go for print, if you need a bikini with proper under wire, go for print as it will camouflage the wire.

– Go for bandeau over triangle. I hope I don;t have to explain for you why that one makes sense.

The Lauren Goodger.


( Image from: )

Lauren Goodger is testament that if you are curvy all over, you can still absolutely rock a bikini. There are a few tips and tricks to make yourself look a bit slimmer, without having to do all the hard work of giving up absolutely every food you love for the 8 weeks before your holiday.

– Again, look for somethine to accentuate the neckline, rather than draw attention to the bottom.

– Plain coloured biniki’s are more slimming than outrageously bright coloured ones. Black is a winner every time.

– Avoid strapless tops as they can make you look ’rounder’.

Well ladies these are just a few tips and tricks i have picked up in my time, and I hope they help at least one of you!


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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