Guest Blog From Kim Box PT On Her Transformation

Kim Box PT Transformation

When I was at school I was more concerned about being on every sports team than worrying about what I look like. As a teacher I have noticed it’s becoming more common that overweight children suffer from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and bullying.

As I grew up, body image started to become more important, although I thought it was impossible to change my body and appearance. The media was crammed with fad and crash diets which promised fast weight loss with no scientific basis. These diets implied a short-term quick fix but actually set people up for weigh-loss failure or even harm to their health. Many people have suffered from eating disorders as they have been educated to think that eating minimal and extreme exercise will get them their ideal physique like the air-brushed figures in magazines.


Last year in March I decided I wanted to transform my body and compete in a bikini fitness category at Miami Pro. With the right education and guidance about nutrition and training I started to make gradual progress. I was actually eating more, completing less cardio and lifting heavy weights. I was one in the past to believe that lifting heavy weights would make a person manly and broad. I believed if I ate too many carbohydrates I would get fat especially eating them after 6pm. I thought the more cardio I did the more fat I would burn. When eating out I always picked the healthy option thinking it will help me maintain a healthy diet. It turns out I was completely wrong about everything. My results came from lifting heavy weights, completing less cardio, eating more food including carbohydrates and having a weekly cheat meal (my favourite being Indian and Ben & Jerry’s).

After achieving my optimal physique for Miami Pro, I decided I wanted to educate and inspire other people in achieving whatever physique they desired through nutrition and training. I want to help them to live a healthier lifestyle whilst maintaining their dream body without having to count calories.

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In the future I would like to inspire children with low self-esteem allowing them to achieve whatever they wish for and help them become positive adults who are fearless when faced upon new challenges. I want to help them change their mindset to enable them to conquer any fears that they are faced upon and to persevere when they fail until they succeed.

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