The Vanilla Room – Brentwood

I am really lazy at booking things. I left my eye test 8 years and I hadn’t been for the dentist for near enough as long when i went Friday, and although I love my hair to look nice, I am kind of the same when booking hair cuts.

On Saturday though, I bit the bullet, got organized, and finally got my hair did. I actually booked in with The Vanilla Room in Brentwood for a couple of weeks ago, but a last minute emergency meant I couldn’t make it.

The first thing that impressed me, was that when I rang them to tell them this the night before, they were fine. None of this stroppy ‘well you still have to pay because it’s within 24 hours’, they just simply wished me well and asked when it was more convenient.

This is the sort of thing that makes a returning customer out of me. Yes I am busy, and I do do a lot for my Mum and my Nan AND still have my day job as well as running a company and this blog. So no, I can’t always make that hair or nail appointment. and the fact they were so kind about it really made a good impression before I even went.

When I did get there, I totally fell in love with them. My Mum kindly drove me there, so the showed her to a seat next to me and made us both a latte complete with cute little biscuit and square of chocolate. The decor is fresh and modern, and very light.

Sometimes, I find salons a bit ‘dingy’ and the busier they get the more you are at risk of feeling like you have got lost in the middle of a tomb. The Vanilla Room is open and airy and the staff are mega friendly. We did all have a bit of a giggle about the ‘TOWIE’ tours looking in to see if someone famous was in there and being disappointed when it was just me and Trace sipping on our lattes.

I had booked in for cut, style and highlights, but unfortunately had a patch of irritated skin on my head, so couldn’t have the highlights. Again, the salon chose to do what was best for me rather than what would make money, and said it would be better to leave it in case the colour irritated it more.

After that, Chloe, my stylist, even gave the lady washing my hair strict instructions to use all the ultra sensitive products while washing (and very nicely massaging) my head, so that I didn’t get any pain or discomfort.

The actual hair cut was fantastic. Ladies and gentleman I have pinned down a dying breed – a hairdresser who ASKS how you want your hair. Yes indeed, Chloe consulted me on every cut, and every move, which was a nice contrast to getting my hair done in other places and trying to silently hide my sobs as she takes off 3 miles of my hair when I had just asked for a ‘trim’.

Chloe took everything I said into account, and created a beautiful, lovely, layered do, which perfectly for me I barely need to do anything with to get some volume into it.

Also, another added bonus, it’s next to the Brentwood Kitchen, so you can pick up some great cake and a prosecco after!

The Vanilla Room have prices and contact details here.

Follow them on Twitter here.



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