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So in January, I became a glasses wearer. I can’t say I was thrilled about it, however I cannot bear the thought of contact lenses, so I had no option. The thought of literally poking in my eye made me feel incredibly cringe, so an added bonus with wearing actual eyeglasses is that no one can actually poke me in the eye now either.

My optician let me loose choosing my glasses, and I chose a very expensive Marc by Marc Jacobs pair because I truly believed that if you were forking out £210 for some glasses they would be hardy and comfortable.

Well they scratched during the first week of having them and are about as comfortable as something you need to drink cranberry juice to get rid of.

I decided to shop around for a pair of cheap glasses so that I could have a pair pair of prescription eyeglasses just for as and when I needed so I would stop scratching the living daylights out of my expensive ones.

I had heard of and I think at some point I actually may have purchased sunglasses from them. I was still getting used to this whole prescription situation, so I didn’t know how easy ti would be to get my glasses done.

The Frames.

photo (9)

The glasses I chose, the Villeurbanne in black were under £20 pounds. I like square frames of a certain style and these ones are just ever so slightly larger than my current ones. What I like about them is that they are really light, and do not feel heavy on my face. The arms are very thin which makes them more comfortable on my ears.

The good thing is because the actual lens part is quite big, they are REALLY handy for when I am doing computer work, and I use these all the time when I am in the office rather than my ‘day to day’ glasses.

photo (10)

The Prescription.

If, like me, you are slightly new to the whole glasses thing, then you may worry about sending your prescription. Please don’t. All I did was pick up from my prescription from the optician and copy what was on it to them. They were VERY funny about giving me my pupilary distance, so I emailed the and they kindly talked me through how to measure this myself. For anyone not in the know, your pupilary distance is literally the distance between your eyes, so Boots if you are reading this I think you are a right liberty for refusing to give me the distance between my own eyes!

So it was quite an easy process, and I must say for what I thought were going to be a pair of ‘cheap glasses’ to use as spare I actually now wear them more than my expensive ones.


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  1. Contacts are great, one soon gets over poking onesself in the eye.


    1. It’s my aim for 2016.

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