Georgia Kousoulou talks BREAD

One day, when I worked in Greece, we had a BBQ for dinner. As we were all sat, full to the brim to the point of hallucination, my friend Toni from Scotland said “Oh my god, I’m so full, I really feel ill” so I pointed out to her that bread was the most horrendously filling thing ever to which she replied ‘Aye you know what they say, if you are really full, eat some bread”. To which we all laughed, because the sheer thought of eating bread when you are full is like the thought of having itching powder in your smalls.

Bread is a carb, and carbs are evil right?

Well actually, no. Although you can’t binge on it, like any food, using it’s filling properties to have a healthy breakfast or lunch can be a good thing.

One TOWIE babe is campaigning to get BREAD back on the agenda, and make girls realize that cutting out cabrs all together is far from healthy.

unnamed (1)

When we think of TOWIES Georgia Kousoulou and her slender, bikini perfect body, we probably tend to think this woman avoids carbs like the plague. But after a series of teasing tweets, Georgia has revealed her super healthy food to be bread. The nations bakers are campaigning to get girls to enjoy the food in a healthy way, after years of thinking avoiding carbs all together is healthy.

Georgia commented: “So many girls forget bread actually plays an important part in a healthy balanced diet – and even more think it’s bad and so just don’t eat it. To me that’s just mad as it’s a really healthy way to give your body the energy it needs. Particularly when you’re about to go on holiday and start hitting the gym to shape up for the beach – bread is a great way to fuel up and recover afterwards so that you can stick to your bikini body plan. Plus bread is low fat, low sugar and tasty! I don’t like the idea of being restrictive about my food and I wanted to show other girls that you can stay trim and eat bread. I do it every day!”


You only need to take a look at Georgia in one of the TOWIE holiday specials to see that she is fit, healthy, and looks great in pretty much anything (I’d guess even a bin bag), so having her advocate the health benefits of bread is a great excuse to start tucking back into those sandwiches.

Georgia has even shot a hilariously tongue in cheek photo shoot, where she poses with bread in a selection of different forms.

“Posing with a sandwich was a first for me but the main thing was just to get the message across”. Georgia explained. “Bread is an important part of our diet. Women my age sometimes think it’s good to cut bread out, but that’s not healthy. So the only way to get everyone to listen was to give bread a bit of a makeover and some time in the limelight! I hope it helps more women to eat sensibly and look after their bodies. Be balanced with what you eat and exercise – it really is as easy as that!”

TV Doctor Dawn Harper is supporting the campaign: “It’s great to see Georgia spreading the word about the importance of carbohydrates – a staple in any good balanced diet. Bread is not only low in fat and sugar but also a good source of calcium, fibre and iron – all things that are particularly important for girls Georgia’s age. There are a lot of pressures on young women today to look slim but too often they follow unhealthy diets that cut out essential nutrients and energy sources. Georgia is a shining example of how you can eat what you want – and indeed need – to stay fit and healthy, so long as you keep a good balance and exercise. There is no such thing as a bad food but there are plenty of bad diets. It’s all about balance and portion control.”


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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