My Nightly Beauty Routine

So being someone that has incredibly extensive beauty routines, I was shocked this week to discover that most normal people actually just wash their face and brush their teeth and go to bed. I have always been into beauty products and you’ll probably not find a face cream or eye serum I’ve not tried. It got me thinking that maybe people just are not educated on what to use and when. The results I see are actually really good from the following regime.

My skin tone is very even and as a life long sufferer of acne i find making sure my face is seen to before i go to bed really helps stop this. Here’s the products I use on the boat race before I get some beauty sleep.

*Disclaimer* None of these products have been sent to me for purpose of blogging, these are all products I have bought and genuinely like using. I have also picked pictures off of the internet instead of taking pics as my bottles are all worn and are not very photogenic.



To start off with, I use a moist balance milk cleanser from -417 Dead Sea Cosmetics. -417 are by no means a large or well known company, but they were bought to my attention through my Mums work and I really like their products. This cleansing milk has the great balance between being soft and silky but not too greasy. I must say, a cleansing MILK would not of been my first thought but it really is good. -417 source minerals from the actual dead sea, so yes, it can seem a bit pricey but it’s worth it as it is for your face. Your face is on show literally 24/7 so you should spend out on taking care of it.

The product can be bought in the UK on Amazon.



I never really knew the importance or benefits of toner until my friend Helen left hers round my house and I kept nicking it. A good toner is essential to keep skin fresh and stop those wrinkles creeping up on you. This is another -417 number as it works in conjunction with the cleansing milk. Again, it’s really soft and not harsh on the skin, so you can use it every day without your skin dying out.

You can again pick this one up in the UK on Amazon.

Radiance Serum – Before Moisterizer


I know ladies, you are going to hate me for saying this. I am just adding one more thing for you to do each day aside from feeding the cats and remembering to buy bananas. This serum goes on before you moisturize. I have a lot of Vitage as my Mum works for Skinbrands, so inevitably she gets samples and some products I just fall in love with.

This product really is good though, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. What if I told you this product basically works the same as airbrushing your skin in your favourite photo editing app? Well it does. Pop it on before your moisturizer and it will make skin look healthy and even.

BeautyBay are probably the cheapest option for this little number



Another 1417 product, and I promise you I do not work for them! Maybe I should though. This Time recovery A cream is anti-aging and fights wrinkles. It would be what I class as a ‘winds changed’ cream, and by that I mean your face immediately feels tight when you put it on, much like if you pull a face and the winds changed and you get stuck like it (based on un-factual information). Again, -417 really are the leaders in non-greasy products. My face always feels fresh when I put it on, and i have noticed a reduction in lines on my face, which is ultimately the aim for anyone over 25.

No7 Eye serum


Although my time recovery cream certainly does a good job, you do need a little boost around the eyes as they are the most wrinkly part. (For me anyway). This inexpensive No7 eye serum from Boots is an absolute gem, and a real bargain. There’s a lot of debate about how to actually put eye serum or cream on. Some people dot and pat, some people rub. This specifies to dot and then gently blend,which is what I do. I always end up with some in my eye, so i can confirm it’s not poisonous in anyway otherwise i’d be blind by now.

Lash and Brow enhancer


I’m not sure if this Priori MD lash and brow enhancer has been discontinued now, but it is like gold dust, and I can’t find anywhere to get hold of it. What I can say though, is if you can get it and your eyebrows are a bit thinner than you would like, then try and find it. My eyebrows are very, very light and thin, so I use this every night and I have seen noticeable results.

Top tips for nightly beauty routines

1. Clean hands – This may sound obvious but you would not believe the amount of people who do not wash their hands before touching their faces. This is exactly how dirt and grime get on your face and turn into spots.

2. Get a proper cleansing cloth – Your beauty routing may be expensive, but hoenstly, why stop at a cloth? If you want nice skin, a ratty old poundshop sponge really won’t cut it. A lot of cosmetics companies are now clocking on to the fact that people want premium cloths, and Vitage sell a set of two for £5.00.

3. Remember everything is trial and error – Perfecting this nightly beauty routing has taken me around 18 months, to get to a point where I am happy with everything I am using. If I add in anything new I tend to suffer break outs, so clearly this is my skin telling me stick to what you are doing. Chances are, you will go through a fair few products to get a routine you like, but trust me your skin will thank you for it in the end.


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  1. ugh all these products sound great! really wanna try dead sea! followed you dear x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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