My Top Five Summer Fashion Buys

So the time of year is upon us where we all wait with anticipation to see if we will ever have the weather to wear those summer treats we’ve been stocking up on since January. If you are less organized, like me, you will get to June and realize you have no summer clothing what so ever and do a quick panic buy before your holiday. Here are a few bits I’ve got this summer season.

Two piece shorts and top set


*Update* I ordered this item from Forever Boutique, under the understanding it wasn’t in stock.

Fair enough, but I hadn’t received and order number. A week after order I emailed them to advise this and was ignored. I Facebook messaged them and was ignored. Frustrated at not even having an order number I wrote on their wall. I felt a bit ripped off.

Here was their Friendly reply.



Yes this short set is lovely but want some advice? Save the abuse and go to Topshop! 



Right, lets get the obvious out of the way first of all. No, no one does like paying £17 to £22 for a pair of flip flops to wear by the pool. But you need to cut your losses. Remember, you always end up wearing your flip flops far more than you think you will, and these are the best for comfort. I find Havaianas to be somewhat the same as wearing little cushions on your feet. MY standard weekend attire is pottering about in joggers and flip flops (attractive I know) so it makes sens for me to at least have a nice pair.

If you are shopping in the UK, Office’s selection of Havaianas really is the best.

Lilylola Beach Wear


I have a bikini from Lilylola which is safely packed in my suitcase ready for my holiday, but i have been browsing around at their other stuff and it seems their shop is absolutely packed full of lovely summer bits, not just swimwear. I really like the idea of cover ups to sling into your beach bag and Pierre Mantoux Printed Shirt Kaftan is one of my favourites on the online shop. One thing I love about cover ups is if you are away you don;t need to unnecessarily keep running back to the room to get more clothes.  You can also put it on when you realize you are starting to look a bit lobster.

Very Beachbag


I love Very, and I love a bargain, so this works out perfect for me. This bag is £15 on the Very online shop. It may look a bit big to the normal person, but I am one of those people that near on uses a suitcase to go to the beach. By time you’ve packed your book, your selfie stick, different tanning oils for different areas of the body, 4 pairs of sunglasses, and a bottle of water that will inevitably go warm and get sand in you really are not left a lot of room.



I did a blog for the a little while ago, and it came to my attention that I now need some prescription sunglasses as well. Being quite a recent glasses wearer it didn’t cross my mind until i looked through their website at glasses and sunglasses. This is one of the things I love about blogging, it brings lots of companies i wouldn’t of known about before to my attention.

Anyway if you think prescription sunglasses are tacky and horrible, think again. These Calais aviators are pretty nice and can be made up with your prescription, and the best thing?

They are only £12.77 for the frames!


None of the companies or online shops featured in this post have sponsored me or approached me to write this blog. This blog is a true reflection of how I feel about products I have encountered or wish to buy.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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