5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Safe This Summer

UVA Rays, UVB Rays, sunbeds, the sun. However confusing it is what rays are worst for you, how they affect you and what they do, there is one thing for certain. None of them are good for your skin, and leaving yourself unprotected from the sun can lead to incredibly serious health problems like skin cancer. As much as we love to have a tan (especially us Essex girls), there is no reason on earth for you to be doing this unsafely. Whether it be that you are going to spend the UK summer hoping and praying for some nice days or you are actually jetting off, here are 5 tips to stay protected and have a great tan in the process.

The pre-tan.

Don’t put yourself at risk, use tan in a can.


I did a blog on LDN: SKINS tan a few months ago, and it really is the best I’ve tried. There is no need to put yourself at risk by using the sunbeds in the lead up to your holiday. There are so many tans out there now that would survive a nuclear war, let alone a dip in the swimming pool.

What I love about LDN: SKINS is the colour. Tan has evolved greatly from those orangey tanning wipes you used to get from Savers for 99p, and you can actually get some really decent ones now. LDN: SKINS sets come with a tanning mitt. The best formula I have found is exfoliate, moisturize, tan, moisturize, but this differs for everyone.


The Holiday Itself.

Sun Cream.


Although all mid-market sun protection is pretty much effective, if you really want one that is good for your skin as well look no further than the absolute word on skincare – Clarins. This high protection milk lotion spray will keep you protected even in the hottest heat.

If you do not wish to pay this much for sun cream or spray, any high factor sun cream or spray will do you fine, but remember these tips:

  • Always start off with a high factor, like spf30 or spf50 for the first couple of days
  • Re-apply sun cream after swimming, even if it says it is water proof it is likely it will still come off in places
  • Try and re-apply every half hour, despite what the bottle says. It’s better to need some more sun cream than spend your holiday burnt

After your day in the sun.



Exfoliating before you tan makes sense, but if I tell you to exfoliate after you will probably think I am crazy. Exfoliating before you spend your day in the sun will ensure you do not tan on dead, dry skin that will come off anyway, but exfoliating after will ensure a longer lasting tan. If you exfoliate each evening of your holiday you will ensure your tan goes deeper than just the few layers of skin, and this will last a lot longer when you come home.



A lot of people use after sun, some people settle for moisturizer. After sun a lot of the time has Aloe Vera in, which is great for soothing burnt skin (it’s also great if you put it in the fridge). To be honest though, the plan really is just to keep your skin as hydrated as possible, so normal moisturizer will do you fine. Put it on after a shower while you are still a bit damp to lock in moisture, then a couple of hours later before bed. Remember, no one ever overdosed on moisturizer so slap it on.

Drink Water.

This is the one nearly everyone forgets. Little bit sunburnt? Skin just a bit dry? Drink water! Your skin needs hydration from inside and outside if you are in the heat all day. If you feel a bit stingy and red after your shower drink 1.5 litres of water before bed and you’ll feel much better in the night. This is your skins way of saying ‘Hey, I’m really thirsty over here’. You will probably be peeing all night, but it’s worth it.

Remember, no matter who you are or how bad you think you look pale, there is no point in actually risking your life for a tan. You can have a great time in the sun and look healthy safely, and if all else fails whack on that tan in a can.


I am not a Doctor, and if you think I am you are off your tits. I am just offering advice I use for myself when I go away. None of the companies mentioned in this blog have sponsored of paid for this post.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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