Interview With Owen Frostie – Up And Coming Male Blogger

Welcoming and friendly, the blogging community has attracted more and more bloggers to its fold in the last couple of years. Seen as something that used to be quite a niche hobby for the diehard Tumblr geeks, blogging has expanded to become not only a hobby, but an industry.

Like many things, blogging started off as an incredibly female dominated field, but has quickly moved into more of an equal grounding. Male bloggers have had a smooth transition from being put into stereotypical boxes expecting them blog on all things male like tech and football, and are now enjoying success blogging about all things beauty and fashion along with us ladies.

One such blogger, Owen Frostie has enjoyed great success, and his honest and frank blogs about anything and everything have attracted him a massive 25k Twitter followers. I met Owen on Twitter long before this interview was conducted, and he is a pleasure to collaborate with, has recommended me some great products and is very, very dedicated to his blog.

Not only has be managed to bag some great products to review, but he has also worked hard to get interesting interviews on his site, and you can tell from talking to him that blogging is his passion and his blog will continue to be a great success. I caught up with Owen and asked him a few questions about his blogging.


KJ – What inspired you to start blogging?

OF – Well I was inspired to start blogging after I had read A few other various blog’s and I thought this is something that I’d like to do.

KJ – Do you find it hard to fit into a very female dominated field?

OF – No, not at all because at the end of the day we are all humans and there is some very famous male bloggers.

KJ – What advice would you give to any new young bloggers?

Just be yourself and write about things you like. Don’t feel pressured to write about something you don’t want to.

KJ – What’s your favourite thing to blog about?

OF – I’ll be 100% honest here I don’t have a favourite thing to blog about.

KJ – What’s been the best blogging even or product you have reviewed?

OF – Probably my sunglasses from WoodMy London but then again I am grateful for all the product’s that I have been sent to review.

KJ – What do you do when you are not blogging to relax?

OF – I like to watch TV shows and scroll through my social media accounts.

KJ – What are your favourite blogs to read at the moment?

OF – One of my favourite blog’s at the moment is –, but my favourite kind of blogs at the moment are blogs which write about a bit of everything.


2 responses to “Interview With Owen Frostie – Up And Coming Male Blogger”

  1. Loved Doing This Thank You So Much Kelly! <3…x


  2. There is lot one can learn from blogging. If we do it for our own satisfaction it is nice journey. All the best OF for your blog. 🙂


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