Series 15 of TOWIE – The Drama Continues


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It seems like only yesterday we were watching the last series of TOWIE and trying to weigh up whether we actually care about Jake Hall and Chloe Lewis and their relationship. When a series of TOWIE ends, it feels like we have absolutely years to wait for the next one, and we retreat into Made In Chelsea and our Netflix box sets. So when they do announce a new series, why do we get very clear flashbacks which make it seem like it was only last week Chloe was shouting down Elliot in dirty Tenners?

Marbella is the location for the new series kick of, and regular as clockwork the cast have been enjoying all of the bank holiday shenanigans. May Bank Holiday is a very well-known time for the party town, and champagne spray parties are standard. So what have they all been up to since the last series? Are the couples still couples? Are the newbies still boring? Let’s find out.

The couples.

Although Lydia and Arg were just becoming ‘official’ at the end of the last series (they do completely play to the producers though, as a certain gossip girl overheard Lydia say once at filming ‘James stop, we’re not meant to be together on the show yet’). Fair play to James Argent who has made a massive effort to get himself fit and well for Lydia and countless lucrative photoshoots and glossy magazine interviews followed.


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Lydia accompanied Arg to Mark Wright and Michelle Keegans wedding, and she must have been keen to put his stag do shenanigans behind them, as he was pictured kissing a mystery brunette and holding a glass of champagne. Although his publicist insists the picture is innocent, I can’t imagine how poor Lydia feels going through the same thing over and over again.

TOWIE’s unlikeliest couple, Tommy and Georgia are still very much in love and owning a club and falling for the stylish young blonde seem to have made him grow up considerably (especially since his first appearance on the show, when he was being particularly obnoxious and Georgia told all of the extras ‘you laugh…but this is the boy I’m actually seeing’). She frequently refers to him as ‘her best friend’ and there show no signs of this couple slowing down in series 15.


(Image from The Daily Mail Online)

As for Chloe Lewis and Jake Hall are they back together or have they gone their separate ways?

No one cares.

Who’s Out?

Jasmin Walia has left after she was left ‘frustrated’ by her lack of storylines on the show. If you ask me it did her a favour, I have met her once at the ITVbe launch party and was shocked at how nice she was considering she is portrayed so badly on the show. She got a lot of stick for going on X Factor, but maybe there is something out there for her in the singing world.


(Image from The Daily Mail Online)

Dan Osborne has been given the axe after repeatedly being involved in claims of abuse and violence towards his ex-girlfriend. The TOWIE officials have obviously taken the view that once is a mistake, but more than that is inexcusable. Dan comes across as such a nice guy on TOWIE, but you never know what goes on behind closed doors. It is unlikely that he will be back now he is a Dad of two.

Ricky Rayment is no longer one of the cast members, and seems to be filling up his days exposing himself outside school uniform shops. Jess Wright must be kicking herself to have lost such a specimen, lucky old Marnie, not only does she have him, she now has him full time as he has apparently left the show to focus on his relationship after show bosses were unwilling to bring in his girlfriend (a cast member from a rival show, that sounds PERFECTLY reasonable).


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Mario is also out as it stands, because he landed himself in hot water for promoting and selling everything in sight on Twitter.

Who’s In?

Arg is absolutely, 100% fit well and in for the full series. Being the only cast member that has been there full time since inception must be hard, but he shows no sign of letting up and still seems to enjoy every minute of it, which is probably why we love watching him.

Chloe Sims will be back, another long term veteran that we just love to watch. The press and her social media accounts do not give much away about her relationship with Elliot or her on/off BFF Lauren Pope, so we will just have to watch to find out.


(Image from The Mirror Online)

It would appear Elliot Wrights retirement was about as short lived as one of Marios relationships, and he is due to come back and film the Marbs special. We do not know if this will be a one off because his restaurant is there or if he will be returning full time. Jess Wright is another old timer coming back, and since the last filming she looks AMAZING. If I were Ricky, I would of left as well, how embarrassing.

The Location.

It’s all about Marbella for the series kick off, so no doubt we will be treated to the debut of another Bobby Ball bag number. The Marbs specials have always been kind to us with moments like Gemma telling Arg he ‘wont get none of this candy’ and Joey and Diags hilariously breaking a wall.

The May Bank Holiday is a pretty special time for Marbella with loads of events going on as the kick off the ‘start of the season’. If you cannot afford to go at the height of the season and prefer the quieter less poncey side of Marbs, go in Feburary like I did for a really relaxing break.


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  1. ‘James stop, we’re not meant to be together on the show yet’ – too funny!!


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