The Brentwood Kitchen – After Dark

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Have you ever been to a café for breakfast or brunch, and thought their food was so delightful, you literally wish for the owners to do something in the evening so you can eat their food all day? If you have, imagine my delight when I saw all of the advertising to say The Brentwood Kitchen were opening their doors ‘after dark’.

I did a blog on their fantastic breakfast and brunch in March of this year and couldn’t of been more impressed with their menu. The fluffy scrambled egg and the sausages made a lifelong fan of me, and I’ve since been back with my Mum. Last time I went, after having my hair done at The Vanilla Room my Mum did her sole job as my P.A and accountant, and tried the cake. I don’t eat cake, but she was so over the moon with her homemade piece of cake I got my work friend who was coming round that night some, and she was equally impressed.

So as soon as I heard the Brentwood Kitchen were opening their doors for dinner, I had to give it a try, and I’ll be honest, I really wanted to be one of the first through the doors. When we arrived for our 7.30pm table, we were half an hour early. This was due to a combination of the fact that everyone has scarpered off home by this time on a Friday and my Mums inability to navigate the one way system around Wilsons Corner, which means we always allow extra time.

The good thing was, the staff are so friendly, and no one was fussed. Even though they were still setting last minute bits up, we were still shown to our table and given a prosecco. One of the things I love about the Brentwood Kitchen, is that the staff really make the effort. They even remembered Mummy blogger which was great and made her feel well famous. I like the décor in the Brentwood Kitchen anyway. Two things I have my eye on are the blue bicycle on the wall and the prosecco glasses (don’t worry guys I’ve stolen neither). The evening décor however, was lovely. Maybe the weather helped, maybe it is just the genuine ambiance they have painstakingly crafted, but the balance between relaxed and glam is just right.

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We were literally, the first customers. Not that night, ever for after dark. To say our night went off without a hitch is an understatement. Our order was taken promptly, and we were certainly kept topped up with the prosecco without needing to call anyone over to order more.

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They do a two course menu and a three course menu, but unfortunately I can’t eat too much in one go and nor can my partner in crime, my Mum, so we didn’t get to try any of the lovely looking starters and just went straight for the mains and dessert. Mum, although a great eating out partner, is a terribly fussy eater. She had already spent today at work pouring over the menu insisted she only liked ‘fish and chips cod’. I knew I liked cod, and dauphinoise, and I know she does deep down so I forced her to order the same as me.

So we both went for the baked cod with pesto and vine tomatoes and dauphinoise potatoes with Gruyere cheese. I have to say, I don’t mind fish, but it isn’t one of those foods I would sit and salivate over. Until now. The cod came in a parcel of baking paper with vine tomatoes and all sorts of other goodies. I don’t know what flavours they used, but this well-cooked piece of fish absolutely fell apart and melted in your mouth. Even my Mum, the non-believer loved it. So much so that I said ‘Oh the garlic was a nice touch’ and she said ‘oh was their garlic I didn’t notice’. The dauphinoise potatoes were the perfect combination of cheesy and light, meaning they were not to heavy and actually enjoyable without the feeling you have swallowed a few cement blocks.

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I have eaten in some nice places in my time, including the best restaurant in Patong, Le Versace, and I can quite confidently say this is some of the nicest, most rustic authentically tasty food I have ever tasted. I am not a ‘food’ blogger by trade, so I don’t know all the technical terms, so let me boil it down for you. I COULD NOT PUT THIS FOOD IN MY FACE FAST ENOUGH.

So anyway, onto dessert, which I don’t eat, but I thought I’d give theirs a crack as I love all of their food. Mum, my resident dessert tester had the ‘Fresh Lemon Posset with homemade Pistachio Shortbread’ and I had the ‘Very Chocolaty Mousse with Macaroon Crunch’.

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The way they serve food here is just so quirky and fun, and everything is individual. I really enjoyed unwrapping and opening mine, it was like Christmas morning. With food! Having a mousse with a crunch is such a good idea. It just compliments so well. It really was nice and again I ate every bit. Mums was lovely, she gave me a bite, it was such such fresh lemon. It reminded me of when you go on holiday and get a lovely lemon sorbet in a tavern on the beach. Not that Brentwood Kitchen didn’t remind me a bit of holiday as well, the tables outside are a lovely touch.

To sum up my evening, I’ve been quite poorly for two weeks with a pulled stomach muscle and swollen ribs, and this was my first foray into the public eye, and they made me feel so welcome and happy I’ve really cheered up from my moody reclusive unwell state! So thanks for that Brentwood Kitchen. Me and Mum have already been sat planning all the people we want to bring to your lovely establishment!

Book now by calling 01277 230177


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