£500 off of advertising with Phoenix FM (Brentwood)

For a new company, the whole advertising situation can be daunting. There is so much different media, and lets face it if you do not use social media correctly, you may as well not use it at all. People are so hyped about all these new, free methods, they forget that the back bone of any company is a good, proper, TV or Radio advertising campaign.

The GREAT news is, I have teamed up with Phoenix FM to get you £500 off of a yearly advertising package!

About Phoenix FM 

We are the local community radio station for Brentwood, Shenfield, Billericay, Hutton Mount, Ingatestone and the surrounding areas. 2014 was our most successful year to date with our listenership and views on our website going up substantially. We are currently getting 45-50,000 LOCAL listeners between our FM station and our online app, as well as over 2 MILLION hits per year to our website! Our social media activity has been highly praised as being the best amongst all community radio stations in the area with around 3700 genuine followers on both Facebook and Twitter. Phoenix strives to support local charities and events and has an excellent standing in the local community, being involved in lighting up Brentwood/Shenfield, the Brentwood Firewalk, the Brentwood Festival, many events for St Francis Hospice ( who also advertise with us as well!) and many more.
                Our predominent listener ages are 25 -40, followed by 40-55, all of whom are obviously local, in an area which is well above the national average in earnings. In a survey we took out in 2013 we found that 79% of our listeners owned their own homes and had plenty of disposable income.
The Package
Our basic rate for a yearly advertising package starts at £4500 + VAT (Mention me to get it for just £4000 + VAT). For this you would get:
                5 x 30 second spot adverts per day, played between our primetime hours of 7am – 7pm ( we do not put any advertising outside of our primetime as listener figures are lower outside these hours and we want to give our advertisers the best possible exposure.)
                A direct link from our website to your own ( 2 MILLION HITS PER YEAR.)
                Full social media promotion on Facebook and Twitter.
                The opportunity to come in throughout the year for live on air interviews to promote your business further.
                 We have other options in advertsing and show sponsorship, for both smaller and larger budgets, starting from £1500 + VAT and going up to £10,000 + VAT and we’d be happy to tailor a package which suits you best. Obviously the bigger package you take out the greater your exposure to our listeners would be. We believe though that even our basic packages give you excellent coverage when compared to the major local newspapers as  we have a greater reach and come in a lot cheaper. Plus your business gets advertised several times a day, giving it a chance to sink into people’s minds, as opposed to a newspaper ad which can be skimmed over or read just once before the paper gets disgarded. We have found a lot more businesses moving over to us from local papers for this reason, and have several repeat advertisers with us. These include – Papa Johns Pizza, Lakeside Thurrock, The Baytree Centre, Brentwood Brewery, Spire Healthcare, Beeches Care Homes, St Francis Hospice, The Queens Theatre, Liquorice Shenfield, Ona Plate Shenfield, Court & Co, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Bennetts Funeral Directors, Gt Design, Essex Style Magazine, Affinity Legal Group and more. Many of these have upgraded from our basic package to more extensive ones as they have seen the benefit that our advertising has brought to their business. St Francis Hospice for instance started on our basic package and have now nearly doubled their business with us due to the amount of return they have been getting, despite them being a charity themselves!
Email sr@Phoenixfm.com and mention me to get started and get your discount. 

Love to know your thoughts guys?

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