Encona Sauces: Jerk Chicken and Korean BBQ – Vlog

I love spicy food. I love Phal, I love Vindaloo, Jesus I’m so blooming hard that I have the BLACK sauce at Nando’s. Shit you not. The BLACK one. So when I found out Encona, makers of the hot pepper sauce that can usually found in my bag with some tobasco, I HAD to try them.

So far, I’ve given the Jerk chicken a whirl, and done you all a little Vlog on how I cooked it.




One response to “Encona Sauces: Jerk Chicken and Korean BBQ – Vlog”

  1. […] tried some marinades the other day, Jerk Chicken and Korean BBQ, but I do still love the sauces you accompany food with. When I had the opportunity to try the […]


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