Living with Lafawnduh – New vlog series

So a few people have said to me things along the lines of ‘you should have your own TV series’ (not to big myself up, people think I’m funny when actually I’m pretty blunt and they think I’m joking), and I’ve always wanted to try and get properly into vlogging.

This month, I’ve decided to give it a right good crack and film a short little reality vlog every week called ‘Living with Lafawnduh’. Most of you know me as Kelly Jackson, which is definitely my name, but once a few years ago while drunk I genuinely changed my middle name to ‘Lawfawnduh’ which is still the case today and my voting card even came through ‘Kelly L Jackson’.

The first episode see’s me share an intense experience with some crusty rolls, get rid of a well dodge £20 note and DJ at a family fun day (yes, I DJ as well, woman of many talents).

Thank you for having a watch.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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