Luxemme – Olive Lace Trim Two Piece


When I chose a dress, what is currently ‘in style’ is not a factor in my choice. That may sound like a bit of a weird statement for someone who writes fashion blogs and reads Vogue avidly, but it really isn’t my greatest concern. My greatest concern, when choosing a dress (or any outfit for that matter), is shape, how it makes me look and how it makes me feel.

There are a few things I’m not into when it comes to dresses. These things range from people being able to see what I’m wearing underneath and the cut being so tight that I look like I’ve been squeezed into it and then sewn up. When I ordered the Olive Lace Trim Two Piece from Luxemme, I had really started getting into the idea of ‘two piece’ dresses.

For some reason, the sharp, clear cut lines on this piece struck me as something that would actually make my figure look a bit better, despite it being white. The last few holidays I have been on, I have opted for either skater dresses or any style of free flowing dress that hide a multitude of sins.

But I’m going to Marbella soon, and this holiday is different. For this holiday I need dresses that are more elegant and classy, and this is what I got with Luxemme.

From the moment I received and unpackaged my Luxemme dress (you can see all of that in the first episode of my vlog series, here), I knew they were a company that valued quality. I have always found the problem with buying online is that although a piece looks nice, you really can never be sure of the quality of the material. I can tell you first hand, the ‘Lux’ part of the name, Luxemme, obviously stands for Luxury. The material is hardy without being too thick for those hot holiday evenings, and the zips on the back of the top and the bottom are incredibly durable.

The actual lace detail is also made of quality material, which is good and will save you a fashion faux pas, the last thing you want is to be out clubbing and your lace fraying. Ouch!

Size wise, the fit is lovely. I always find that you can buy some garments from outlets that make their clothes quite cheaply and end up getting a size bigger and then swearing off crisps for the rest of your life. Luxemme do sizes which are actually the sizes, and this actually fitted me a lot better than I thought it would. Also, being white, I thought it may make me look a bit bigger than I am, but the split in the two pieces draws the eye to the middle, which is probably my slimmest part.

This is a great trick, and Luxemme do a lot of two piece items, which look set to become really popular. The great news is, you can also get 10% off with Confessions Of A Sober Essex Girl.

Here is the code.


Don’t forget, you can use this code on ALL Luxemme products. Yay!


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  1. Liking your blogs and site Hun – a girl after my own heart x


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