Veet Hair Removal

You are on holiday. Nice warm country. You are laying on your sun lounger listening to the calm, relaxing sounds of the sea. Maybe you are by the pool, listening to all the noises of your luxury hotel. You sit up, to take a sip of your cocktail, which is delicious and included in your all inclusive package you have worked hard all year to pay for.

Suddenly, you look down. Is that….? No it can’t be. But wait. Oh no. Oh no it is, it really is. A STRAY LEG HAIR. But you shaved so carefully, so so carefully. you turned the light on and spent ages in the hotel bathroom making sure you did around the knee AND ankle.

Unfortunately, many thousands of women are affected by SLHS (stray leg hair syndrome) here and abroad every year.Shaving is only a temporary cure, and is not always a 100% effective. The only way to be sure you are hair free, is to use Veet.

When Veet asked me if I would try some hair removal cream, I thought well that’s good as I’m on holiday soon.

 Veet Hair Removal

I tried the natural one for sensitive skin, which had grape seed oil in. As someone who has sensitive skin and eczema, I am 100% to vouch for and confirm the fact that it did not play my skin up at all. As with most of the Veet products, you get the actual tube of hair removal cream and a handy little tool for spreading it on and taking it off.

Veet Hair Removal

Now as you may know from some of my experiences on my previous posts, I am by far from the most dexterous person. So clumsy I am, I’ve had toes sewn back on and everything, so as you can imagine shaving my legs is always a massive task for me. Either I cut myself, miss a bit, or do one leg and forget the other (yes, I’ve genuinely done that before).

This is why I love products like Veet. Spread it on, take it off, Bob’s your Uncle.

Veet Hair Removal

I’ve always been a fan of Veet’s depilatory cream, I just think it’s so much easier than shaving and so much less painful than waxing. This product all in all had my legs done and looking lovely and smooth for the party I was going to in all of ten minutes. Veet are one of the oldest companies in the market for hair removal cream, and they have built up a fantastic brand you can really trust.

I have recently seen they have moved into permanent hair removal and waxing, so I would be really interested in trying those.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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