Is Common Courtesy Dead?

When I went to Thailand, I helped a sweet little old lady on her own from Heathrow to Doha put her suitcase in the overhead compartment.5 hours later she turned out to be the bane of my life, getting in front of me and my friend when we had only 45 minutes to catch our connecting flight. But that’s just what you do. You help people, without expecting anything in return, right?

Apparently not. I am the first person to admit, I’m a grumpy, impatient bint. My ideal weekend is sitting at home blogging with my cat, and a cup of tea. I’m trying to find the balance. Did I become impatient with age, or did I become impatient when the world and his wife turned into massive inconsiderate twats?

When I recently went to Marbella, as lovely, and luxurious the holiday was, the journey was hell. Yes, honestly. That short 3 hour flight from Stansted, which is merely up the road from me, was a complete nightmare. The reason I use the airport lounge, is because I’m scared of flying and the terminal just highlights that I’m in an airport. Maybe now, the reason I use the lounge is because I’m only 30 seconds away from flying head-butting the next person to push or shove me.

Even though you get allocated seat numbers on a flight, this does not stop the masses from pushing, shoving, and giving you a sharp dig in the shin with a hand luggage case. On the way back, we were treated to an even better one. Courteously, we all got up to queue when we knew we were boarding soon. Unhappy with this turn of events, a large group of adult men decided they were too good to queue, and made their own queue coming off from the front of the line. Then of course, when myself and my friend decided to bring it up, they rudely talked over us exclaiming they were in the ‘Priority’ queue (there wasn’t one).

Why not! Let’s all just do whatever the fuck we want shall we? It was the same when we went to Morocco for the day. Can’t be bothered to queue for the toilet in the ferry port? Never mind, just push in! The thing that makes me laugh about this, as English people always blame FOREIGNERS.

“Oh yes, the French, very rude” they say (FYI the French are far from rude, and when I worked in France and had to make my way ALONE from Holland at 19 on the trains to Brittany, I couldn’t of done it without the help of a few kind strangers). I think you’ll find, that wherever you go in the world, English people are the rudest, most obnoxious, entitled people in the group. It makes us look bad, and it makes me feel ashamed.

Yesterday, I completed my normal Saturday morning ritual of shopping with my Nan, a coffee out then a trip to the pound shop. How I didn’t murder someone with an Aldi leg of lamb I’ll never know. Completing that small task without Valium is something I’ll have to seriously consider in future. All in the space of a few hours I’ve had people barging me, pushing in, walking across the road in front of my Mums clearly moving car and pushing and shoving in the Co-op. And all for what? Because you want to get your Sun newspaper and scratch card 10 seconds before you will if you DON’T shove me or push in the queue? WOW!

The day was quite nicely rounded off by two boys on scooters riding out into the road right in front of Mums car on the way back to the gym. This sums up the attitude of the majority of people perfectly. ‘I am going to do whatever the fuck I want, when I want, and YOU can wait’. I’m sure there are people like me, who are gobsmacked at the attitudes of some people, and hope for things to change. But I’m also sure there are some people reading this wondering what’s REALLY wrong with pushing in the toilet queue.


One response to “Is Common Courtesy Dead?”

  1. I hear you! On my last trip to London it was pouring down rain as my family and I exited Harrods. My young son ventured out without an umbrella to hail us a cab. As one pulled over for him he opened the door for us and a woman popped up out of nowhere and got in the taxi exclaiming as she did, “I’m old and I’m cold.” As angry and as wet as we all were, we have told this story over and over since and had a good laugh about it.


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