AW15 High Street Picks

There are a few yearly traditions I have. Watching the Queens speech. Having at least one BBQ every summer. Going away for the weekend for my birthday and having a nice spa day at least once a year. Coming into winter, we are now approaching the time of one of my more unfortunate traditions, to completely disregard the fact that it is Winter and only buy a new Winter wardrobe at the very, VERY last minute when one coat sets you back about £500.

So this year, I’ve decided to get right organised, and start having a look around now, so I thought I would share some of my picks with all of you too. Yes Fashion week may be looking ahead to SS16, but it’s not really helpful if you still don’t know what on earth to wear this winter.

River Island Brown Faux Suede Winter Coat


First things first. It’s all about the coat. This limited edition from River Island is faux suede, and will really keep you warm on those little strolls through London. The inside is lined with fur, so it will keep you comfy AND toasty. There’s nothing worse than layering up in uncomfortable material and walking round itching enough to make the general public think you have fleas. This coat will set you back £85.00, but it’s built to last.

ASOS East Meets West Chelsea Ankle Boot


I’m the worlds worst for wearing pumps through the whole of winter and then wondering why my feet are soaking wet and freezing cold. every girl needs at least one staple boot in their wardrobe to see them through the rainy days, and these Chelsea boots from ASOS look comfortable and stylish. I love the colour, as there are so many greys and blacks around in Winter. this plum shade will brighten up your wardobe, but still likely go with everything you wear.

New Look Khaki Knitted Tunic Dress


One of the absolute bummers about Winter is the less dresses situation. But the cold setting in doesn’t mean you cannot wear them at all. This tunic dress from New Look will look great broken up with a statement belt and will keep you nice and toasty. It is a bargain as well, at £24.99. On milder days you may even be able to wear it sans coat and really show it off. I’m joking. As if we get mild days in England.

Tesco F&F Cascade Cardigan


It’s funny, I never think to actively look in supermarkets for clothes, but then when I am wandering round the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda I find really nice, affordable bits. If you are anything like me, your temperature goes up and down like a yo-yo through the day, so a jumper is a bit of a kerfuffle, which is why I always opt for cardigans. This nice, thick cardigan from Florence and Fred is only £18.00, and the colour will go with anything in your new Winter wardrobe. It also has pockets for you to fill up with rubbish like tissues a receipts to handily ruin your washing machine.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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