Infruition Water Bottles

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Before about a year ago, infused water was the secret of hipsters, dieticians, and that weird woman in your office who speaks to trees. Now infused water has hit the mainstream as a great detox and diet aid, and no longer do you ask potential suitors ‘do you like the theatre?’ as you are more keen to find out ‘do you infuse’.

I always take water to work. I have a very busy job and find I drink more if I can just refill a bottle rather than keep sourcing a clean glass (lazy I know but if you had smelt our dishwasher, you would understand).

Infused water has so many health benefits, which I am sure you are well aware of, and it’s GREAT if you are doing a detox. The problem is, you will experience something I usually get when I get a particularly leafy mojito. Do I need a gardener to tend to this?

Making infused water is a little bit tricky and can involve many kitchen items that you then need to wash up afterwards which could potentially lead you to miss Eastenders. So if you DON’T want to miss the human prawn Ian Beale’s next misfortune, then get onto Infruition Water and grab a water bottle. In an age where things that will save you time and effort are invaluable, you can save time and effort for £15.99 with their sport water bottle.

I tried it all of last week at work, and shockingly, I drank TWICE the amount of water I usually do. I’m not sure if it was just because it tasted nicer, or because it was easier to just refill the bottle.

What I found worked best, was to infuse mine overnight and leave the fruit in all day and keep topping up. When you order, Infruition send you a great little recipe book, and you can also sign up for tips on their website, but one of my favourite concoctions I made myself was strawberry, lemon and mint. No, it doesn’t sound like it goes but trust me, it tasted really nice! The great thing is, you can use frozen berries and just leave them in the bottle to defrost/infuse overnight.

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Also, I have been able to take it to the gym as it’s really hardy and also fits in the water bottle hole, but not only that, is has a handy hook so you can hook it up if you are really going for the weights. It’s been a while since I’ve had a really good water bottle, so I’m really pleased I got to give this a try.

I have red and yellow but you can get loads of colours if you are particular enough to want it to match your gym wear.


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