The Little Coffee Bag Co

The Little Coffee Bag Co

There is something about me, literally only a few of my exes and my Mum knows. If I don’t have my morning coffee, I’m really not a nice person (I’m not a nice person in general but without a coffee my god I really am a bint).

I may even go the rest of the day without one, but that morning one, that one cup of coffee when I first open my eyes is paramount to my day. My one regret in life, is that I do not have enough money to hire a servant to wake me up with a steaming, fresh filter coffee every morning. I’ve been trying in vain to teach the cat how to use a cafetiere, but his lack of opposable thumbs make it all incredibly awkward and if he spills coffee over himself again my neighbors will report me to the RSPCA (he’s white).

So when I got sent a sample of ‘Coffee bags’ from The Little Coffee Bag Co, I have to say, I was a little more intrigued. The concept of a ‘coffee bag’ took me a little while to come round to. After texting my friend and saying I’d been sent some ‘Coffee tea bags’ I quickly realized, they are just coffee bags. They are NOT tea (thank god, if someone gave me a first thing tea instead of a first thing coffee it would ruin my day more than that time I had a smoky bacon crisp gatecrashing in my bag of salt and vinegar Walkers).

So the aim of the Little Coffee Bags, is to create a full bodied cafetiere style coffee without the hassle of cleaning coffee grounds out of your sink plug for the next eleven years.

The coffee itself, was really nice. I’ve been duped by instant coffees of the past that claim to taste like proper coffee and actually taste like residue from the kettle, but the Little Coffee Bag Co have done a really good job.

If you like a proper coffee with zero hassle, I’d definitely recommend them. Me and Mum are already arguing on who gets to take the rest of my samples to work.

The Little Coffee Bag Co


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