Keep your skin looking cool instead of cold this winter

Let’s face it, no matter how many cute memes you see about fireworks and cuddles, autumn is the signal that the freezing cold British winter is going to descend upon, as welcome as that spot you always get on your chin before a date.

We can all easily say we like autumn, because it is nowhere near as cold as the British Winter that awaits us. Then, when the snow hits, the UK comes to a standstill, none of us are prepared and Twitter timelines are filled with winter moans.

One thing I personally don’t like about the winter is how it makes my skin feel. I’m very good at keeping up my moisturising routine, but I must say, the winter does my skin in badly and if it’s particularly cold I look like I come from Whoville with all the red cheeks and epically white skin.

Here’s a few products I like to use through the winter to keep me going.

No 7 Naturally Sunkissed Gradual Tan


I love this product now, despite having a bit of a moan about it a few weeks ago when I first got it. Obviously, being the terribly impatient bint I am, I didn’t quite get the whole ‘gradual’ part. You have to use it once a day, and it really will build up a nice, lasting colour. Unless you can afford to jet off to Hawaii this winter, then this is your best bet, and another thing I love about it, IT DOES NOT SMELL LIKE BISCUITS.

There’s nothing worse than wanting a nice summer glow but having to walk around smelling like you use a custard cream as a sponge, so this is another reason it’s in my recommendations. It’s also only ever around £10 to £15, which leaves it at the very lower end of the price scale of gradual tans.

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion


Another product you can pick up relatively cheaply, meaning you can slap as much on as you should. I always moisturise after a bath or shower, and this intense moisturiser locks in moister for hours after. Apparently it has been developed to support the skins own water channels. I don’t know all the science behind it, all I know is my skin feels lovely.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Liquid Make Up

image1 (1)

So I did a review on a few bits of Urban Decay make up I got recently, but I really couldn’t leave this out. Although it has the longest name in the world, obviously, it’s a foundation. I am assuming that Urban Decay have some sort of reasoning for the long name, but it is a really good foundation and give my love of Estee Lauder a run for its money.

Obviously, this won’t stop you getting dry skin, but this will not stick to any little imperfections in your skin, meaning you can use it as a great cover up for those days all the products in the world won’t stop you looking a bit washed out and crusty.

We saw a tutorial of it being used at the Lakeside 25 and fabulous blogger event, and I really didn’t know if it would actually work for me, but it works wonders. It’s really light as well so if you want to contour over the top with a pressed powder it doesn’t looked too ‘cakey’.

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil


Despite starting up as a company in Melbourne, where the weather couldn’t get as cold as the UK if God himself declared and arctic winter, the lovely people at Aesop have developed a skin oil that will really sort you out in cold snaps. Granted, the product is also great if it’s incredibly hot so maybe they were not thinking of us Brits after all.

This oil is suitable for all skin types, and as well as balancing your skin tone it will also detoxify your skin. You can use it whenever, but I find it gives your skin a real, instant boost, so I prefer to kick start my morning with a few drops.

Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter


Remember when you are about 11 and you think you are the height of sophistication because you own nearly every body shop product going? Come on, we all had that Vanilla spray in our handbags when we were in year 9.

Not only did they see us through then, but I still love some Body Shop products now. I genuinely couldn’t live without their body balms and lip butters.

Another absolutely fabulous thing about winter is your lips becoming so dry, your favourite red lippy is absolutely not an option until you sort your life out. Enter, body shop lip butter. Pop a bit on everyday even if you don’t feel particularly dry, and you’ll have the smoothest lips of the season.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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